3 Critical Rules for Surviving in 2017: Your Medical Laboratory’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Healthcare Landscape

With less revenue flowing from reimbursements and more consumers footing the bill for diagnostic testing, counterbalancing lost revenue while better serving providers and patients is not an option—it is a must. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, exploring three critical rules innovative medical laboratories must take into account to combat new and drastic changes occurring in the lab industry, and outlining proactive steps that when taken, will serve as the foundation for clinical success in 2017 and beyond.

How Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups Can Succeed in Pharmacogenomics: What the Experts are Saying

Increasing understanding of the genetic basis of an individual’s response to drugs, including how and how quickly a drug is metabolized (pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics), has opened the door to an increasingly personalized approach to drug prescription. By identifying drugs most likely to benefit a patient, assessing the likely dose response, potentially avoiding adverse reactions, and reducing unnecessary use of drugs,  pharmacogenomics testing (PgX) is helping to optimize treatment and reduce costs associated with complications or inappropriate utilization.

Molecular Information Management Systems (MIMS): Pathologists are Using MIMS To Revolutionize Personalized and Predictive Medicine

As molecular technology and personalized medicine increasingly becomes the default position for clinical diagnostics laboratories, these modalities place significant demands on laboratory information systems. Although hospitals and healthcare institutions often focus on an enterprise-wide electronic medical records system that includes a laboratory information system (LIS), those LIS’s do not typically have the functionality needed to handle current molecular testing needs, let alone those expected in the near future.

3 Ways Labs Can Increase Revenue and Gain a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace

In an increasingly competitive healthcare landscape, laboratories must vie for a share of the nearly 6.1 billion clinical lab tests performed annually in the United States. As independent and hospital-based medical laboratories navigate against the headwinds of shrinking reimbursement levels, it is critical for your laboratory to strengthen relationships with current clientele and grow your client base.

Augmenting an Enterprise-Wide HIT System with a Best-of-Breed Anatomic Pathology LIS

The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper providing you with a detailed discussion on the considerations of investing in a best-of-breed anatomic pathology-specific laboratory information system, and the reasons why even a solid enterprise-wide EHR and/or LIS solution may be insufficient for the complexities of your anatomic pathology (AP) laboratory and its distinct needs in terms of workflow, data mining, imaging and results formats.

A CEO’s Guide to Doubling Profitability: Using Technology to Reduce Back-Office Costs

The ultimate goal of any commercial venture is to increase profitability. Significantly increasing overall profitability frequently requires substantial changes to a business (e.g., mergers/ acquisitions, in-licensing or developing new products, or divestiture of unprofitable business units). Building on earlier white papers in the CEO’s Guide series, this white paper will look at relatively benign changes that clinical laboratory management can undertake. Although less dramatic than other options, they can still result in a doubling of lab profitability.