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Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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New Legal Issues and Regulatory Changes and Their Potential Impact on Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

How to keep your lab compliant with the new requirements

I particularly like the presentation by Jane Pine Wood.  I found her advice to be succinct and directly to the point.  She hit the “meat” of the subject in very clear terms that could be understood by a layman.  A lot of material was covered in a short period of time that one could clearly articulate the fine points.  Both my legal colleagues and myself understood the information.The audio conference was well worth the time.
Priscilla R. Cherry, President, Lab Services – Fairview Health Services

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Jane Pine Wood, Esq. Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Esq Rick Cooper, Esq

Jane Pine Wood
, Attorney, McDonald Hopkins, LLC

Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Attorney, McDonald Hopkins, LLC

Richard Cooper, Attorney, McDonald Hopkins, LLC

Recently-enacted laws and new regulatory requirements are creating new risks for clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups, especially those that remain unaware of the new laws or fail to respond in appropriate ways. To help your lab stay “street legal” and fully compliant,  listen in to a special legal/regulatory LIVE audio conference CD recording from October 27, 2009.

These new laws cover a lot of ground—from specific requirements on how laboratories can help physicians’ offices acquire EMRs (electronic medical record systems) to the new security-breach disclosure requirements.

Find out what your lab should do to stay on the right side of the law. Listen as attorney Elizabeth Sullivan of McDonald Hopkins provides you with a full understanding of how to meet both the spirit and the letter of these new regulations.

Pathologists will be particularly interested in regulatory updates involving two recent trends in anatomic pathology. First, attorney Jane Pine Wood will discuss how and why a small but growing number of hospitals are actually putting anatomic pathology services out for bid at contract renewal time, and will suggest strategies and effective negotiating points that community hospital-based pathologists can use to counter such actions by hospital administrators.

You’ll also get details on a related trend-urologists and GIs who internalize their anatomic pathology referrals, then ask local pathologists to provide discounted pathology professional component (PC) services. Attorney Wood has up-to-the-minute market intelligence on this trend, along with recommendations for ways that local pathology groups can respond to these requests while retaining access to pathology case referrals that are priced to be profitable for your group practice.

Order your Audio CD today for “New Legal Issues and Regulatory Changes and Their Potential Impact on Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups,” then listen as our panel of legal experts introduces you to six brand-new or recently changed laws, regulations, and market practices that govern how clinical labs and pathology groups conduct their affairs. It’s essential knowledge for your senior executive team, compliance officers, and legal advisors, so invite them all to join you for this comprehensive new audio conference audio CD.

Learn about the necessary steps your laboratory must take to comply with these new laws and regulations.  You’ll have the opportunity to here commonly ask questions and identify the most important action items to keep your lab legal and compliant. Order your digital audio CD for this very special audio conference!

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For one low price-just $245-you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful audio conference recording and get the materials.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this in-depth 90-minute conference recording:

  • EMR “donations” by labs to office-based physicians: the essential do’s and don’ts.
  • Legal (and successful) ways to respond to urologists and GIs who want to bring anatomic pathology services into their clinics.
  • How clinical labs and pathology groups can legally waive deductibles and co-pays when they are “out-of-network” providers.
  • The latest insights on why some hospitals put anatomic pathology services out to bid-and what your pathology group can do right now to keep that from happening.
  • What the new team at the FDA is doing with Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs or “Home Brews”), and what simple steps your lab can take to stay compliant with LDT requirements.
  • New HIPAA rules: Preparing your lab to disclose privacy breaches and report to them to the right federal agency.
  • How your lab should respond when competing labs “give away” EMRs to doctors at no charge.
  • New tactics by managed care plans that hurt pathologists-and legal ways your group can protect your pricing and reimbursement.
  • How to turn the tables on urologist and GI groups with a better understanding of the new laws and changing regulatory mandates.

…and much more!

Your audio conference order includes:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speakers
  • A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference
  • The opportunity to hear the questions that were asked to the speaker

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Distinguished Faculty:
Jane Pine Wood is a member of McDonald Hopkins, LLC which specializes in health law, which includes regulatory, compliance, and contractual matters, including Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement issues. Ms. Wood represents physicians, hospitals, clinical and anatomic laboratories, imaging centers, home health agencies, mental health providers, clinics, independent practice associations and integrated delivery systems in corporate, regulatory, reimbursement, contractual and other areas. She received her J.D. degree in 1987 from Vanderbilt University School of Law and is a member of the Massachusetts State, Ohio State and American Bar Associations and is a member of the American Health Lawyers Association.

Elizabeth A. Sullivan is an associate in the McDonald Hopkins LLC Business Law Services Department. She has experience reviewing contract agreements and preparing memoranda on shareholder rights in Ohio, physician on-call requirements, federal labor requirements, and other business and healthcare related topics. Elizabeth participated in the McDonald Hopkins summer associate program. Prior to joining the firm, Elizabeth served as a law clerk for the Corporate Legal Department of University Hospitals Health Systems. She also served as a law clerk for the Physicians Legal Department at the University of Pittsburgh.

Richard Cooper, Esq. is Head of the National Healthcare Practice Group of McDonald Hopkins. He also serves on the firm’s Board of Directors. Mr. Cooper has a national health law practice that includes the representation of a large number of laboratories on corporate, regulatory/compliance, contracting, strategic, venture and M&A/joint venture matters. Laboratory clients include both independent and hospital-owned laboratories plus clinical, anatomic and specialty labs.  He received his JD from Georgetown University.

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