Negotiating RFPs: How to Get the Best Value for Your Laboratory

Using RFPs to find the right suppliers at the right price

Molly Orluck


Molly Orluck, President, mollyorluck enterprises inc.

Michele Pessa, President, JeNG Consulting, LLC


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While everyone is still debating the proposed new healthcare reforms, one thing is clear: The discussion has created an increased focus on the price of healthcare. As a result, hospitals, laboratories and other institutions are taking a long hard look at where they can reduce costs and get the best value for their money.

One way that hospitals and laboratories are reducing costs is by negotiating the best possible deals with their suppliers. In the past, it was easy (and certainly less time consuming) to become complacent with suppliers and the terms you may have agreed to a very long time ago. But times have changed.

A request for proposal (RFP) can be an invaluable tool in helping your lab get the best pricing and terms from both current and future suppliers. But what should you include in an effective RFP? What questions should you ask to determine a supplier’s compatibility with your institution? And how do you decide if you even need an RFP in the first place?

Get answers to these questions and more when you attend the latest Dark Report audio conference “Negotiating RFPs: How to Get the Best Value for Your Laboratory” on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

Listen as two experts—Molly Orluck, President of mollyorluck enterprises and Michele Pessa, President of JeNG Consulting, LLC—take you through the RFP process step by step. You’ll come away with a better understanding of the questions to ask potential suppliers and how to ensure you’ve covered all the bases-from terms and conditions to training to customer support and more. You’ll learn about the pitfalls inherent in the process and find out how to avoid them, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Orluck and Pessa will provide insights from both sides of the equation-one from the provider side, the other from a vendor perspective. Your lab will better appreciate what suppliers expect from the negotiations, helping you forge stronger bonds and build better relationships as a result.

You’ll also learn about value analysis teams and the vital role they play in successful negotiations with suppliers. Find out what a value analysis team is, then learn the steps involved in creating one for your lab. A value analysis team builds collaboration and can ultimately help identify what your lab needs and which products or services (or both!) are most likely to meet those needs. Who should be on a team varies by institution—Orluck and Pessa will help you determine the structure that works best for your lab.

Whether you work for an independent lab, specialty lab or a hospital-based group, this is one session you won’t want to miss. You’ll get a comprehensive review of key issues and learn proven strategies for developing RFPs that will lead to better terms, reduced costs, and more productive relationships with your suppliers. So don’t wait! Register today to guarantee your participation.

And remember that you can have everyone on your lab team participate with you.  For just one registration, you can all listen, learn, and get personalized answers to questions about your lab’s unique needs.



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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this in-depth 90-minute audio conference:

o What are the criteria for deciding whether or not you actually need an RFP for a project?
o What should be included in the RFP?
o What is a value analysis team and how would your laboratory go about putting one together?
o What are the selection rules and responsibilities of a value analysis team?
o What are some of the important questions to ask potential suppliers?
o Which financing options are right for your lab: purchase, lease, capital lease, rent, rent-to-own, something else?
o How can your laboratory achieve a win/win relationship in negotiations with vendors?

…and much more!

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Distinguished Faculty:

Molly Orluck is a healthcare executive with proven success leading broad laboratory and supply-chain operations. Her approach to developing people and building team cohesion is reflected in her work both at the local and national healthcare levels. Over a 29-year laboratory career integrated with supply chain, she was the Supply Chain Senior Program Director of Cardiology, Laboratory, Imaging, and Capital Services for Ascension Health. Prior to this Ms. Orluck held multiple laboratory management positions, from satellite laboratories to site director for a health system (seven hospitals, three freestanding laboratories). She is a global thinker while being mindful of local/individual/system impacts, management, human resource, and communication skills. These unique qualities have had a positive impact in building strategic business alliances with executives, physicians, suppliers and others. Ms. Orluck is also recognized for her ability to negotiate unprecedented laboratory contracts while achieving positive customer and supplier relationships.

Michele Pessa is an independent consultant and President of JeNG Consulting. Previously she was Executive Director, U.S. Clinical Sales at a leading in-vitro diagnostics supplier. Ms. Pessa was a key member of the management team that grew the company from its incubator stage to one of the top-10 diagnostic companies globally. She successfully developed and grew a corporate-account business that resulted in significant market share growth for her company. Ms. Pessa played a key role in establishing contracting strategies that included value solutions and win/win relationships with her customers. She and her team successfully negotiated contracts with Broadlane, Premier, MedAssets as well as over 100 IDNs. Her prior marketing experience allowed her to participate in product design and customer-focused development that insured clinically relevant products and solutions for the healthcare community. Ms. Pessa received BS degree in Health Science from Northeastern University. She is a member of DxMA, ASM and AMP and was a Microbiology Supervisor before transitioning to the diagnostic industry.

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She is a member of DxMA, ASM and AMP and was a Microbiology Supervisor before transitioning to the diagnostic industry.”