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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Achieving World-Class Performance: New Ways Your Lab Can Use Lean Six Sigma to Stop Bad Outcomes and Boost Financial Performance

How to transition from traditional management to Lean Six Sigma management Order NOW!

Susan Stegall

Leslie Sprick Vince DMello


Leslie Sprick, MT (ASCP), Managing Partner, Sprick, Stegall & Associates, LLC

M. Susan Stegall, CMC, MT (ASCP), Managing Partner, Sprick, Stegall & Associates, LLC

Moderator: Vince D’Mello, President,  D’Mello LabMed Consultants

Declining reimbursement, cost increases, labor shortages, increased competition and, ultimately, a lower return on investment-sound familiar? These are just some of the issues your lab struggles with every day. And you’re not alone. Lab managers industry-wide are dealing with these very same concerns.

You’ve probably tried traditional cost-cutting measures and found that they’re just not doing enough for your bottom line. So what’s the solution? Many labs are considering a Lean Six Sigma management philosophy, which helps eliminate waste and significantly reduce your costs. But how do you know where to start? Why are these management philosophies so compelling, especially now? And how do you know if it’s right for your lab? Now you can get the answers to these questions, and more, when you listen to the latest DARK REPORT and DARK DAILY audio conference, “Achieving World-Class Performance: New Ways Your Lab Can Use Lean Six Sigma to Stop Bad Outcomes and Boost Financial Performance” on Audio CD.

You and your team will gain a better understanding of just how much waste there is in most service organizations, including hospitals and laboratories. Then, you’ll learn how to find that waste in your lab, and what steps to take to get rid of it for good.

Listen as two experts on Lean Six Sigma-Susan Stegall and Leslie Sprick-provide you with information to help your lab transition from a traditional management philosophy to one using Lean Six Sigma. Drawing on their considerable experience in the field, Susan and Leslie will provide you with tips and techniques for reducing waste, improving turnaround times, decreasing medical errors and saving you money.

Order today to guarantee your CD for this very timely discussion. And don’t forget about our interactive question-and-answer session from the live event, where you can get answers to specific questions about your lab’s unique situation, so make sure all your team members are listening with you. Find out how your lab could be doing twice as much work in half the time and with half the effort when you register for “Achieving World-Class Performance: New Ways Your Lab Can Use Lean Six Sigma to Stop Bad Outcomes and Boost Financial Performance.


DATE: Recorded Thursday, December 17, 2009
COST: $195 through 12/10/09; $245 thereafter
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For one low price-just $195 (through 12/10/09; $245 thereafter)-you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful audio conference. Best of all, you’ll be able to listen to the best questions that were asked to our speakers when we open up the phone lines for live Q&A.

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Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this valuable 90-minute audio conference CD:

  • The environmental drivers that make these management philosophies so compelling at this time.
  • What Lean and Six Sigma are (and what they are not).
  • The benefits of using these management philosophies.
  • What to expect from a Lean Six Sigma transformation journey.
  • The job changes your managers can expect under Lean Six Sigma.
  • The eight sources of waste and what to do when you find them in your lab.
  • The criteria for good Six Sigma projects.

…and much more!

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Your audio conference order includes:

  • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations from our speakers
  • A full transcript emailed to you soon after the conference
  • The opportunity to listen directly to our speakers answers from the audience Q&A session

ORDER Now! Or for more information, call us toll-free at 800-560-6363.

Distinguished Presenters:

Leslie Sprick is a Managing Partners at Sprick, Stegall & Associates, LLC, which focuses on Lean transformations; clinical and anatomic pathology laboratory restructuring, consolidation studies of integrated delivery networks; operational reviews; and improvements, including facility planning, work group facilitation, technical workflow analysis, strategic business planning and interim management. Ms. Sprick has extensive managerial experience in outreach laboratory sales and support services, strategic marketing and communications, managed care contracting and laboratory operations. She is a national speaker and resource on the application of Lean Six Sigma principles in the laboratory arena, as well as laboratory operations and facility design. Ms. Sprick earned her Bachelor in Health Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is a registered medical technologist. She is also Lean and Green Belt Six Sigma certified.

M. Susan Stegall is a Managing Partners at Sprick, Stegall & Associates, LLC. Her current work includes project management, Lean transformations, market opportunity assessments, laboratory system integrations, and organization structure analysis. She is Lean certified through the University Of Michigan College Of Engineering and is a Certified Management Consultant through the Institute of Management Consulting, which is a distinction held by less than 1% of all consultants practicing in the U.S. Ms. Stegall has integrated every aspect of Lean into her consulting practice. She received her BS in Medical Technology from Mount Union College in Ohio and completed her MBA and MHSA at Arizona State University.

Vince D’Mello (Moderator) is President of D’Mello LabMed Consultants. He is an internationally acknowledged professional and key opinion leader in the medical laboratory industry. Mr. D’Mello has more than 30 years of leadership experience with a variety of laboratory operations and meeting accreditation standards from organizations such as the College of American Pathologists (CAP), American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and Ontario Laboratory Accreditation (OLA), which is based on ISO 15189 requirements. Prior to establishing D’Mello LabMed Consultants (DLMC) he was the Administrative Director of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. In 2006, with his leadership, the department was designated a “Centre of Excellence.”

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The American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC) designates this program for a maximum of 1.5 ACCENT® credit hours towards the AACC Clinical Chemist’s Recognition Award.  AACC is an approved provider of continuing education for clinical laboratory scientists in the states of California, Florida, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.