Distinguished Presenters:



Jane Pine Wood is a member of McDonald Hopkins, LLC and serves on the firm’s Board of Directors.  Ms. Wood’s legal practice focuses upon health law, including regulatory, compliance, and contractual matters, as well as Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement issues. Ms. Wood represents clinical, anatomic, molecular and toxicology laboratories, physicians, hospitals, imaging centers, home health agencies, clinics, and other health care providers in corporate, regulatory, reimbursement, contractual and other areas. She received her J.D. degree in 1987 from Vanderbilt University School of Law and is admitted to practice in Massachusetts, Ohio and Tennessee.


Kuo Bianchini Tong works with his clients to understand how economic, financial, and reimbursement forces influence product acceptance and utilization. His consulting engagements focus on strategic planning and implementation throughout the product life cycle – from concept to commercialization.  He has authored numerous publications and is a frequent speaker on how the changing reimbursement landscape affects clinical laboratories and molecular diagnostics.

Mr. Tong has experience across a number of different clinical specialties and therapeutic categories including: hematology and oncology; infectious diseases; cardiology; neurology; dermatology, and pre-/post natal diagnostics.  Mr. Tong holds degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.  Before founding Quorum Consulting, Mr. Tong was a senior associate with Corning HTA (now known as Covance), a Washington, DC healthcare consulting firm. Prior to entering the consulting field, Tong was active in clinical and health services research at the University of California at Los Angeles Neuropsychiatric Institute and the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medicine.


Rick Cooper is the Manager of McDonald Hopkins’ National Healthcare Practice Group and is co-chair of its Healthcare Restructuring Practice Group. He focuses his national practice in healthcare law, representing clients in transactional, restructuring, corporate, compliance, regulatory, licensure, reimbursement, contractual, strategic planning, and venture matters. Practice group clients include private practice and academic physician groups, physician networks, laboratories, healthcare associations and societies, multi-specialty clinics, medical staffs, imaging centers, surgery centers, outpatient medical facilities, home health providers, hospitals and health systems (including tax-exempt and investor owned hospitals, critical access to large systems and academic medical centers), mental health/substance abuse facilities, occupational medicine companies, healthcare technology companies, and healthcare billing and management companies, and healthcare funds.

Rick has a national practice in the representation of laboratories and pathology groups. McDonald Hopkins represents in excess of 500 pathology groups and several hundred laboratories including anatomic, clinical, molecular/genetic, toxicology, and specialty laboratories. Rick is a frequent speaker on laboratory and pathology issues at state and national conferences and is a frequent contributor to laboratory and pathology publications.