Effective Lab Cost-Cutting and Budget Strategies for 2015 : Webinar

Effective Lab Cost-Cutting and Budget Strategies for 2015

Recorded Webinar Series

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Keep your lab ahead of declining reimbursement and shrinking
lab budgets by mastering proven ways to cut costs while
sustaining high quality in your lab organization


Across the nation, laboratories are facing the toughest financial squeeze of recent times! Simply said, lab managers are being asked to cut operating costs and operate their labs with smaller budgets during 2015.

That makes it essential for all savvy lab managers and pathologists to stay current with the most effective techniques for cutting lab costs and managing shrinking lab budgets.

Yes! There are proven ways to get more productivity out of your lab organization even with a reduced budget. But—you don’t have much time to act. In many organizations, budgeting for 2015 is already underway. That makes it imperative for you to learn from some of the best and brightest minds in laboratory cost management and effective financial stewardship while there is still time to incorporate these techniques and approaches in your lab’s 2015 budget and operations planning.

To expedite your mastery of these powerful approaches, we are offering a timely webinar, entitled “Effective Lab Cost-Cutting and Budget Strategies for 2015” on Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 1:00 PM EDT.

During this information-packed 90-minute webinar, you’ll gain useful knowledge about specific ways to cut costs in the lab without compromising the quality of lab testing activities. You will also learn about how to more effectively make your lab’s case with your hospital and health system administrators as part of the 2015 budget-setting process that is unfolding now within your parent organization.

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(Registration is closed – It’s not too late! Order LIVE Webinar Audio Recording)

Your faculty for the webinar has decades of successful experience at finding overlooked opportunities to prune a lab’s operating costs, even while boosting productivity and sustaining quality. Each has lived through the HMO price-cutting of the 1990s and the hospital financial difficulties of recent years.

What better forum for you to learn new and effective ways to position your lab to operate on less revenue and less budget—even as specimen volume grows and your lab’s test menu becomes more sophisticated. This webinar is about helping you stretch budget dollars without having to lay off staff or slash your lab’s in-house test menu.

First you’ll hear from Patrick Maul, your “lab cost cutting mentor.” Maul was one of the first Six Sigma Black Belts in the clinical laboratory industry back in the early 2000s. He has unmatched experience at helping clinical labs, pathology groups, hospitals, and health systems identify opportunities to save money, boost productivity, identify and eliminate recurring sources of waste, and make budget dollars stretch.

Your next presenter will be Dennis Sumwalt. Be ready to get up-to-the-minute insights on hospital finances, budgeting challenges, and practical cost-cutting approaches. A three-decade veteran of clinical laboratory management and administration, Sumwalt is walking in your shoes every day. He’ll share a host of proven methods, approaches, and techniques for stretching your lab’s budget dollars without the need to lay off key laboratory staff—those loyal med techs and lab scientists who’ve supported your lab for years.

Since this webinar is about both cost-cutting and budget planning, you’ll get insights about the best ways for your lab team to work with your parent hospital’s administration during this 2015 budget planning cycle. This is worth the price of the webinar alone and is useful information that is seldom shared in public.

You’ll learn useful ways to present the value of lab testing services and justify the budget requests that you need for 2015. All organizations have their internal politics and organizational dynamics. Our speakers will provide you context and techniques for making your case in a positive way and in a manner so that hospital/health system administrators better understand the negative consequences of shrinking your lab’s budget too much for 2015.

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What will add extra value to this webinar are the pearls that your presenters will share with you about these specific issues:

  • Understand the difference between new, smart lab budget management and old, outmoded ways to cut lab costs
  • Learn how to negotiate, and the different ways to sell your lab’s value as part of your hospital’s 2015 budget planning
  • Know which Lean and Six Sigma methods work fastest, along with the techniques that produce ongoing cost savings while sustaining high quality
  • Overlooked ways to motivate everyone on your lab team to become effective at identifying sources of recurring waste
  • Why information technology is your lab’s trump card to drive the 2015 budget planning process to a successful conclusion
  • Identifying the areas of your lab ripest for large cost reductions
  • What aspects of pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical activities are commonly overlooked, but deliver substantial cost savings and increased productivity
  • Benefits of specific Lean, Six Sigma, and continuous improvement techniques when applied to different operational activities in your lab
  • How to unleash the power of a motivated lab staff to ferret out sources of recurring errors while empowering them to efficiently fix those problems
  • Guidance in how to improve your lab’s ability to bill and collect more money for its lab testing as another strategy to cope with shrinking budgets during 2015
  • How to deploy technological solutions that can enhance lab capacity and improve functional capability without adding to staff

The old cost-cutting methods of the last decade or two simply won’t work any more. You need new skill sets and techniques—and this webinar is the ideal venue to provide you with the essential information you need, delivered NOW, when you need it most before 2015 budgets are set in stone.


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(Registration is closed – It’s not too late! Order LIVE Webinar Audio Recording)


For one low price—just $245, you and your entire team can take part in this fast-paced, insightful webinar. Best of all, you’ll be able to connect personally with our speakers and get answers to your most pressing questions when we open up the session for live Q&A.

Get the right knowledge and insights now,
while the 2015 budget process is still underway

You know the budget dance. You do it every year. What is different for 2015 is that most hospitals are expecting much less revenue. Joining us for this webinar is one way that you can acquire and master proven ways to advocate for your lab and support those recommendations with the metrics and data that convince even the most hardened hospital CFOs.

Better yet, once that 2015 budget is set in stone, this special webinar will give you the knowledge about specific ways to identify waste and implement smart cost-cutting projects. You have quick opportunities to trim budgets before year-end, along with cost-cutting methods that take a bit longer to implement, but deliver ongoing cost savings of considerable magnitude.

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