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New Opportunities for Your Laboratory’s LIS-EMR Interface: How to Profit From the “Big Wave” About to Hit Healthcare


Pat Wolfram Pat Wolfram


“Meaningful use,” radiology ordering,
and how to attract
new outreach customers

During this audio conference you and your staff will get an unprecedented look at why EMR vendors fail to accommodate clinical-laboratory and anatomic-pathology test ordering and reporting. Then, we’ll show you the easiest, fastest, and least expensive ways for your lab to beef up its LIS-EMR interface, allowing physicians-working inside their EMRs-to seamlessly order tests, view results, and research lab test topics in a way that supports their own personal work flow.

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Introducing Lean Six Sigma into Your Lab:
Using This Management Philosophy to
Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

Susan Stegall Susan Stegall

How to transition from
traditional management to
Lean Six Sigma management

Declining reimbursement, cost increases, labor shortages, increased competition and, ultimately, a lower return on investment-sound familiar? These are just some of the issues your lab struggles with every day. And you’re not alone. Lab managers industry-wide are dealing with these very same concerns.

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Succession Planning Essentials: Preparing Your Lab for the Coming Wave of Retiring Managers and Staff

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith

How to prepare new talent for the looming retirement of
baby-boomer lab managers

If your laboratory doesn’t have a succession plan, your operational and financial viability could be in jeopardy. That’s because many baby boomers working in your lab are already eligible for Social Security and are beginning to retire, leaving you with the difficult task of finding good people to replace them.

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New Legal Issues and Regulatory Changes and Their Potential Impact on Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Group

Jane Pine Wood, Esq. Jane Pine Wood

How to keep your lab legal and compliant with the new requirements

Recently-enacted laws and new regulatory requirements are creating new risks for clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups, especially those that remain unaware of the new laws or fail to respond in appropriate ways. To help your lab stay “street legal” and fully compliant, join us for a special legal/regulatory audio conference.

These new laws cover a lot of ground-from specific requirements on how laboratories can help physicians’ offices acquire EMRs (electronic medical record systems) to new HIPAA disclosure rules that require labs to publicly disclose events that caused a potential breach in patient privacy.

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New Managed Care Contracting Trends, Issues, and Opportunities for Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups


Laura Chaney Laura Chaney


The secrets of successful managed care contracting for your lab

Every year at contract renewal time, you’re faced with the same concern: How can you negotiate the best possible managed care contract for your clinical lab or pathology practice?

The real secret to successful managed care contracting is to first understand your market, then determine how you can best position your lab in it. You’ll end up with a strategy that can help you better navigate the contract process.

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Pathology and Radiology’s Combined Future is Now
at KU: How Integrated Breast Cancer
Diagnostics are Improving Patient Care

Ossama W. Tawfik Ossama W. Tawfik

Disruptive Clinical Practice Model Ready for Widespread Adoption

In a pioneering effort at The University of Kansas, a radiologist and a pathologist are working side by side to review each other’s primary images and issue a single, integrated diagnostic report for breast cancer patients. The big surprise from this groundbreaking collaboration is a measurable improvement in diagnostic accuracy, leading to improved patient outcomes.

If you’re a pathologist or radiologist, what does this mean for you? More than likely, it means a future of increased collaboration. Instead of separate clinical silos, pathologists and radiologists will work side by side, sharing each other’s primary images and producing a single, unified diagnostic report for clinicians. 

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Lab Managers: How to Become A Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment

Jeff Smith Jeff Smith

Help your staff—and yourself—advance to higher levels of responsibility and accomplishments
in your lab.

As a lab manager, part of your job is staff development—getting members of your team to take on more responsibility and eventually become managers themselves. But if you were never taught how to develop employees—and many managers weren’t—you’re probably wondering where to begin.

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Laboratory and Pathology Mergers & Acquisition Activity

Christopher Jahnle Christopher Jahnle
How Recent Sales and The Current Economy Could Impact the Value of Your Lab

The economic downturn has certainly made a big difference in laboratory merger & acquisition (M&A) activity. While we saw record prices for clinical labs and pathology practices in 2008, pricing and demand have been tempered by the economic changes in 2009. But it’s not all bad news. If you’ve been holding off selling your lab, the wait could be over. But here’s a way to find out for sure!

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