Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution

A digital solution to help stay compliant, reduce paper forms and boost productivity. Do you have checklists for checklists? Are you tired of getting cited for missing pieces of documentation? Are you tired of monthly reviews that consume you in mountains of paperwork? Laboratories need a systematic process to track compliance and ensure a task is never missed. Kapios has partnered with laboratory experts to develop Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution, (LACS) to eliminate the guess work in compliance and streamline the process in your laboratory. Take the paper forms your technologists complete each day, and digitalize them, ensuring that they get done on time. What does that mean for you? Have the peace-of-mind that everything is done according to regulatory standards and recorded in real-time. No longer spend hours prepping for inspection, initialing forms at the end of the month, and verifying your compliance. Check out the new way to document compliance with LACS versus the old paper way.

“You have to live and breathe this whole regulatory process & that’s what makes the Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution so helpful in being inspection ready all the time.” – ProMedica Clinical Lab Manager


Main Features

Form Completion

Technologists can easily mark tasks complete from tablets or desktop computers, reports are saved in real-time.

Alerts & Notification

Get automatic updates about assigned tasks, and receive notifications to ensure every task gets completed on time.

Progress at A Glance

Always have a clear view of your laboratories compliance and see tasks are being completed to assure a closed loop of quality assurance

Audit Ready

Easily pull reports in seconds for each instrument, fridge, etc. and have peace-of-mind all checks have been completed.


Maximize Data

Collect real-time data and store it systematically.

Increase Effectiveness

Inspect equipment status and access past records on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

Boost Productivity

Allow lab technologists to inspect and report equipment malfunction quickly.

Communicate More

Communicate effectively with colleagues through faster response and resolution time.

“We had been using the same kinds of checklists and clipboards and notebooks for years. And here we were trying to be the cutting edge laboratory and be on top of our game and do everything we can to do things better, faster, smarter. We needed a better way to track all the tasks that needed to be done and be made aware if something was missed.” – Medical Technologist

Success Story: Microsoft video There’s a better way to manage compliance in your laboratory, contact us today to set-up a time to see how the solution works and take the next step towards joining compliance in the 21st century. Contact: Todd Borowski or visit our webpage for more information. Our Commitment to You: Kapios prides itself on the peace-of-mind it provides to customers. All the solutions are created by medical experts, ensuring that by the time the solution goes to market, it has been through extensive beta testing from the inventors themselves, and ready for the end user. Our mission is to enable healthcare practitioners to provide exemplary patient care supported by sophisticated industry-inspired, field-tested technology solutions. Who We Are: At Kapios, we create technology because it is our passion. When we saw the far-too-many obstacles standing in the way of our healthcare providers, we knew we could help. We began to share our passion and create solutions to reduce the challenges in our healthcare community. We are using our technological capabilities to free them up to do what they do best. In the end, we hope our love for technology will make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.