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Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel

News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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The shift from a traditional fee-for-service model to value-based healthcare requires a completely new approach for clinical labs to help clients improve their quality of care, enhance their workflow processes, and maintain viable revenue streams. 

In combination with the newly enacted PAMA reductions in reimbursement rates, it is more critical than ever for hospital, commercial, and outreach laboratories to partner with companies that have the proven competence to help them thrive in this new environment.

White Paper: The path to more clinical lab and pathology practice revenue Your lab and care workflows depend on LIS efficiency. Scalability of the LIS determines your practice’s growth. Not to mention the ability of your LIS to capably interface with and support new technologies and new value-based Medicare Quality Payment Programs (QPPs) such as the MACRA Merit-based Incentive Payments System (MIPS). Fact is, the performance capability of your laboratory’s LIS goes way beyond its ability to participate in these new value-based care initiatives—the right LIS is critical to your practice to ensure success and increased revenue.

The good news is that thanks to advances in laboratory information management systems and cloud-based technology, as a provider you now have unprecedented opportunities to better manage the health of patients, promote adherence to treatments, as well as to reduce costs.



This FREE White Paper addresses:

  • Overview of the new technologies and value-based programs: their objectives, along with potential impacts to your lab
  • How the right LIS solution can help you potentially significantly reduce hospital readmission rates and experience favorable parameters reported to CMS
  • How effecting these improvements can help bridge the gap between labs, physicians, and other healthcare providers
  • How, in addition, you can achieve better efficiency, economics, and compliance with MACRA
  • Why many labs are now turning to an LIS such as the NeTLIMS LabOS system, which helps streamline the collection of information in both the lab and care environments
  • How working together with the right LIS vendor can serve to positively affect patient outcomes, facilitate reporting of quality measures, and maximize reimbursement for all services on specific patient care teams


Table of Contents: Introduction

Chapter 1: Medicare Quality Payment Programs and Value-based Care

Chapter 2: What Is the MACRA Quality Payment Program?

Chapter 3: What Is the MIPS Reimbursement Track?

Chapter 4: How Does MACRA/MIPS Impact Medical Laboratories Revenue?

Chapter 5: Using NeTLIMS LabOS LIS to Foster Healthy Outcomes

Chapter 6: LabOS Supports Value-based Care through Seamless Integration and Scalability

Chapter 7: LabWay App: NeTLIMS Mobile Product Delivers Value-based Care to Patients Even in Remote Locations

Chapter 8: LabOS, LabWay, and MIPS Points

Chapter 9: Achieving Goals for Value-Based Care Using LabOS and LabWay

Chapter 10: NeTLIMS LabOS and LabWay Define Value-based Care

Chapter 11: How Point-of-Care Telehealth Solutions Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Chapter 12: How Do Digital Therapeutics Benefit Medical Laboratories?

Chapter 13: Telehealth and Chronic Disease Management

Chapter 14: NeTLIMS LabWay and Care Trek


Conclusion Potential Savings and Revenue Increase A quality LIS vendor should define the way technology assists in maintaining a patient’s overall health and happiness, and thrive on delivering accurate results in the fastest time possible. This is so that providers, medical staff, and laboratories can improve their work processes in the delivery of patient care which are, of course, objectives which in turn provide revenue enhancements for labs. This FREE white paper can help inform your LIS decision-making. Download your FREE copy of “The Path to More Revenue: Cloud-Based LIMS, Mobile Apps, and Point-of-Care Telehealth.”

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