Recent White Papers detail solutions for medical laboratories and pathology groups

Medical laboratories and pathology groups are facing enormous levels of change in their clinical, regulatory and financial environments. As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is implemented. labs see downward pressure on reimbursement at the federal and payer level, coupled with increased emphasis on efficiency and quality. Couple that with a shift from fee-for-service reimbursement to fee-for-quality reimbursement strategies, and clinical laboratories and pathology groups are pushed to find tools to increase their competitiveness. is pleased to offer two recently published free White Papers which can show laboratory managers and pathologists how to more effectively make changes to improve workflow, increase efficiency and safety, and identify, evaluate and solve problems as they are occurring.

Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Analytics to Achieve World Class Performance in Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups: How innovative medical laboratories can combine analytics with medical laboratory information systems to improve lab operations, cut costs, and boost productivity” outlines how laboratories can draw on business, logistical and medical data inherent in the laboratory information systems (LIS) to more effectively make changes to improve workflow, increase efficiency, and identify, valuate, and solve problems as they occur.


Another White Paper, “Advances in Pathology Tissue Management Reduce Formalin Use, Improve Quality and Cut Costs” offers a look at the risks of formalin use, trends in formalin use and disposal, and how laboratory and operating room workflow is affected by it. Alternate methods for storing and preserving pathology specimens is introduced as are descriptions of changes to workflow, benefits in terms of healthcare worker safety, and the safety and economic benefits of these changes.


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