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There is a new resource library for clinical laboratory managers and pathologists that contains White Papers on contemporary topics involving clinical laboratory management, pathology administration, and the medical laboratory testing marketplace. This White Paper library is hosted at and is a useful new information resource for the clinical laboratory profession.

The White Paper resource library is another example of how the Internet and Web 2.0 creates new educational opportunities for medical laboratory professionals and pathologists. The White Papers on clinical laboratory and pathology topics can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Each White Paper can be downloaded immediately as a PDF.

In a typical month, is visited by pathology laboratory managers and professionals in as many as 180 different countries across the globe! That is another indication of the globalization of laboratory testing. White Paper Library:

Free White Paper - Vagintis Diagnosis: An Opportunity to Improve Patient Care

Vaginitis Diagnostics White Paper:
An Opportunity to Improve Patient Care

Clinical laboratory testing plays a crucial diagnostic role in healthcare in the United States. That’s good news for pathologists, laboratory directors, and laboratory scientists. With the advancements in technology, laboratory test results are helping physicians make earlier and more accurate diagnoses. Numerous new diagnostic tests are available in the clinical marketplace. However, few of these assays possess the right combination of increased sensitivity, reasonable test cost, and the ability to significantly contribute to clinical care.

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Current Legal Challenges for Laboratory Professionals White Paper

In recent years, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) was concerned about fraud and abuse. It wanted to rein in revenue-driven arrangements that facilitate over utilization of diagnostic services. In response to these regulations urology and gastroenterologists are now establishing in-house anatomic laboratories. They often contract with local pathology practices for assistance in setting up these labs, as well as providing ongoing technical and professional services. Jane Pine Wood, along with Attorney Richard Cooper, who heads up the National Health Care Practice Group, explain how physician-owned laboratories must be structured to comply with CMS regulations. They point out contractual pitfalls for lab professionals, and offer advice on the best way to handle these arrangements.

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Using Quality Management Methods to Compare Competing Mid Volume Segment Immunoassay Systems

Stay up to date the lastest product Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. (SWOT)

Many mid-sized hospitals now perform both immunoassay (IA) and infectious disease (ID) testing, but do not have the capital budget or floor space for a large integrated system. These labs require a single analyzer characterized by a small footprint, assay flexibility and high productivity that meets lab testing protocols. This article examines 5 analyzers currently in use and evaluates their productivity.

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Achieving Best Practices with Total Laboratory Automation in Your Laboratory

Evolution of the clinical pathology laboratory has been one long progression of advances in technology. These improvements have transformed pathology and laboratory medicine from the manual performance of individual chemistries or hematology tests to sophisticated diagnostic analyzers that perform multiple laboratory tests in an automated format. This review discusses the methods currently available to improve medical laboratory process efficiencies. It ends with discussion of the merits of “closed” versus “open” total laboratory automation applications.

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A CEO’s Guide to Molecular Diagnostic Reimbursement:
Navigating the Many Challenges of Reimbursement and Commercialization

Reimbursement and commercialization are significant challenges in this era of personalized medicine and comparative effectiveness. Many traditional clinical laboratories and early stage startup companies are trying to enter this space and are struggling to evaluate both the market and its offerings. According to Gene Tests, a publicly funded medical genetics information resource, the availability of new diagnostic tests increases 10% annually. However, there is a 20% increase in the utilization of genetic tests per year versus a 1% to 3% increase in non-genetic diagnostic tests per year.

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Digital Pathology White Paper:
Pathology Innovators Use Web 2.0 to Boost Productivity and Create Clinical Value

Web 2.0 capabilities are taking advantage of digital pathology and reaping great benefits from it. Instead of having to pack and ship slides, multiple pathologists can view the same image online from different locations, have online discussions about it and pass control back and forth while looking at the same image. Each pathologist can annotate an image in real time. As a result, pathologists employing digital pathology are saving time, increasing their profits, boosting their productivity and garnering big dividends.

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A CEO’s Guide to Increasing Laboratory Valuation:
Effective Revenue Cycle and Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors

There is no doubt that the complexity of laboratory revenue cycle management is unmatched in all of health care. With frequent regulatory and compliance rules changes, ever tightening margins, and a severely weakened economy, it is getting harder and harder for potentially acquirable independent labs to be sure they are not leaving potential profits on the table. The Dark Report and Dark Daily is happy to offer our readers a chance to download our published White Paper “A CEO’s Guide to Increasing Laboratory Valuation: Effective Revenue Cycle and Compliance Management are Critical Success Factors” at absolutely no charge. This free download will provide readers with a detailed analysis of how laboratories can maximize reimbursement to increase revenue and valuation operating margin.

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Change Your Labs Working Culture or Lose Your Medical Lab

If Lean and Six Sigma could be called hot management trends in the laboratory profession today, then a new challenge is hitting the radar screen for many laboratory directors and pathologists. “It involves the work culture in the lab—the attitudes of the med techs and lab staff—that often holds back the entire laboratory from achieving world-class performance, both clinically and operationally,” notes Jeff Smith, Vice-President of Leadership Development at Slone Partners, a Miami, Florida-based search firm that has a growing business with the laboratory profession. If you’re a lab director, pathologist, or lab manager interested in supporting positive cultural change in your laboratory, you’ll want to download this FREE Special Report featuring Jeff Smith.

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More Clinical Laboratory Management White Papers

To further expand this already growing library of clinical laboratory management White Paper topics, encourages lab professionals who are experts in specific areas of clinical laboratory management, operations, compliance, sales/marketing, etc. to recommend a topic and submit a proposal to produce that topic. Proposals for White Paper topics should be emailed to:

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