Rankings based on annual revenue and the Veterans’ Administration tops the list

When Dark Daily recently published a list of the Top Ten Largest Medical Groups in the United States, not only was it a popular topic, but many readers asked us to present a similar list for healthcare systems. Dark Daily is glad to oblige and presents below a list of the Top Ten Largest Healthcare Systems in the United States, ranked on annual revenue.

This ranking of the Top Ten Biggest Healthcare Systems includes government healthcare systems, not-for-profit healthcare systems, and for-profit healthcare systems. As you will see, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs holds down the number one position, with annual revenue of $40.7 billion. Coming in second on this ranking is HCA, Inc., with annual revenue of $28.4 billion. Of the ten largest healthcare systems, three are owned by Catholic organizations and three are for-profit hospital corporations.

For comparison, the VA operates 153 medical centers. It also operates what it describes as “more than 1,400 sites of care, including 909 ambulatory care and community-based outpatient clinics, 135 nursing homes, 47 residential rehabilitation treatment programs, 232 Veterans Centers, and 108 comprehensive home-care programs.” HCA owns and operates 163 hospitals and 112 outpatient centers in 20 states and England.

Nation’s List of Top Ten Largest Healthcare SystemsNotably, Catholic Health Initiatives, based in Denver, Colorado, has just become an equity owner of Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories, based in Spokane, Washington. (See Dark Daily, October 28, 2009, “PAML Has New Owner as Catholic Health Initiatives Buys a Stake” .) Of the ten largest health systems in the nation, Catholic Health Initiatives has a proactive strategy to use laboratory testing outreach programs as a way to build its presence in the outpatient/outreach market.

Top 10 Healthcare Systems by Revenue (ranked by net patient revenue $ millions)

2008 2007
1. U.S. Veterans Affairs Dept $40,686.5 $36,892.1
2. HCA, Inc. $28,374.0 $26,858.0
3. Ascension Health $12,720.6 $11,529.9
4. Community Health Systems $10,840.1 $7,127.5
5. NY Presbyterian Healthcare Sys $8,458.3 $7,387.5
6. Tenet Healthcare Corp. $8,348.0 $8,557.0
7. Catholic Health Initiatives $7,817.1 $7,212.3
8. Catholic Healthcare West $7,596.2 $6,723.5
9. Sutter Health $6,874.0 $6,186.0
10. Mayo Clinic $6,143.5 $5,730.2
Top Ten’s Cumulative Revenue: $137,858.3 $124,204.0
(Source: Modern Healthcare, 2009)

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