As health insurers build patient-friendly web sites, they now want all the lab test data

For laboratories wanting to contract with managed care plans, it will soon be “all about the data.” In upcoming contract renewal talks, expect health insurers to have a keen interest in working specifically with those clinical laboratories and pathology groups which can interface and electronically provide lab test data.

Dark Daily is first to identify this important development. It creates an opportunity for local laboratories to contribute added value to payers in their region. There is a specific reason for this increased interest. Health insurers are building information-rich Web sites for their insured beneficiaries. It is now important for them to have laboratory test data that they can use to populate the digital health record of their beneficiaries.

New Managed Care Contracting Trends, Issues, and Opportunities for Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups

One laboratory executive closely tracking these developments is Michael Snyder, President, Laboratory Management Services, LLC, of Hauppauge, New York. His company provides a host of services involving clinical laboratories and managed care companies.

“The heightened interest by payers in having the laboratories in their provider networks feed them lab test data directly reflects a new competitive factor,” explained Snyder. “Nearly all health insurer are actively building patient-friendly web sites. One common feature to these beneficiary web sites is a digital personal health record (PHR). As most lab managers and pathologists know, the largest single source of clinical data in a patient health record consists of laboratory test results.

“Thus, for both national and regional health insurers to offer a useful PHR to their members, they need regular feeds of the patient lab test results from the laboratories in their provider networks,” he added. “These health insurers are using their web-based patient services as a point of differentiation when they compete for employers’ business.”

Another factor in upcoming contract renewal talks between laboratories and payers is pricing. Traditionally, payers always want to negotiate lower fees for laboratory testing. Snyder says that laboratories can negotiate much more favorable pricing if they use a strategy of offering specific services to the payers that add value to the payers. “Health insurers always have a cost-cutting knife out ready to pare down the costs of lab testing,” noted Snyder. “However, when the prepared laboratory, during contract negotiations, offers ways to help the payer with such factors as improving contract compliance, along with great patient and service for patients, it will be more successful at negotiating favorable pricing.”

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