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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

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Coaching Proves Effective Way To Improve Performance Of Lab Managers and Lab Staff

In the midst of a sustained labor shortage—and facing the impending retirement of highly-experienced baby boomer managers—innovative clinical laboratories and pathology labs are taking special efforts to develop the management and leadership skills of their most promising younger managers. Coaching, rather than mentoring, is more often the preferred approach to achieve this goal.

“Coaching programs in the lab industry are growing in number and effectiveness. This is especially true among the more innovative clinical laboratories in the United States,” observed Jeff Smith, Vice-President of Leadership Development for Slone Partners and Titan Management University.


Teaching Lab Managers To Become Better Coaches

“Coaching makes laboratory managers more productive,” he continued. “In turn, that leads to more achievement across the entire laboratory organization, because lab managers at all levels are the leadership glue that generates a more focused, productive effort by their respective laboratory staffs.”

At a time when hospitals and health systems are asking clinical laboratories to trim spending below authorized budgets as a way to conserve cash during the recession, an effective coaching program can pay big dividends. “Innovative labs understand that coaching is way to raise the performance of managers at all levels in the laboratory,” observed Smith. “Coaching works because it achieves three things: 

  • One, the coach-manager relationship provides targeted learning and reinforcement so that the line manager gains both confidence and the skills needed to lead the staff under his or her authority.”
  • “Two, employees respond rapidly as their manager applies new techniques. This unlocks improved productivity in the laboratory. At the same time, considerable cost savings and operational gains typically accompany these productivity enhancements.”
  • “Three, morale of both management and laboratory staff skyrockets, for a simple reason: Not only does coaching clarify the career ladder for the ambitious staff in the clinical lab, but the go-getters in the laboratory quickly see that they will get useful coaching to prepare and support them for great positions of responsibility.”

What Smith didn’t mention is how an effective management coaching program improves the laboratory’s competitiveness in the market. This is particularly true of hospital/health system laboratory outreach programs. Coaching the managers responsible for services that directly touch the client—including phlebotomy, courier/logistics/ and customer service teams—helps the laboratory create the personal attention and high-touch service that sets it apart from other lab competitors in that region.

For those laboratory administrators, lab directors, and lab managers interested in develop an effective coaching program to develop a high-performance management team, Jeff Smith has agreed to conduct a special audio conference on this topic for readers of Dark Daily and The Dark Report. Titled: “Lab Managers: How to Become a Better Coach and Create a More Productive Working Environment,” this unique learning opportunity will take place on Thursday, July 16, 2009, at 1:00 P.M. Eastern. This will be a fact-filled, 90-minute session. For information and to register, visit

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