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News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
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Modern Healthcare’s list of Top Ten Hospital EHR Vendors Has Insights for Lab Managers

Published data indicates that about 90% of the nation’s hospitals have implemented an electronic health record (EHR) system. This remarkable statistic has direct implications for clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups, since typically 70% or more of a patient’s permanent health record is comprised of laboratory test data.

However, the 90% EHR adoption rate among the nation’s hospitals masks a more provocative truth: only a limited number of hospitals and health systems have implemented an EHR system that is fully integrated and presents a complete patient health record in real time. Thus, many hospitals are using EHR systems that fall far short of allowing clinicians to work exclusively with a complete paperless health record.

On the other hand, the 90% EHR adoption rate across acute care hospitals in the United States demonstrates that most hospital administrators now see paperless electronic health records as essential if their hospitals are to maintain, over time,  their competitive positions in the communities they serve. It takes a considerable investment in capital, time, and management resources to bring up an EHR system that supports a complete, real-time patient health record. So the fact that almost 90% of the nation’s acute care hospitals are investing in this information technology confirms the importance-and acceptance-of this trend.

Another significant insight is the fact that just four information technology companies control more than 56% of this market segment, according to a study recently published by Modern Healthcare. The study used data provided by HIMSS Analytics, of Chicago, Illinois . Between them, Meditech, Inc. , McKesson Provider Technologies , Cerner Corporation , and Siemens Medical Solutions have collectively installed systems in 2,800 of the nation’s 4,987 acute care hospitals. The table below shows how many hospitals operate HER systems from these ten sources.

Top Vendors of Acute-care EHR Systems

Based on total number of installations at U.S. hospitals
from January 2008 to January 2009

Total                 Cumulative                            Cumulative

EHR Company Installations Installations Percent Percent

1. Meditech                                                   1,185                   1,185            23.8%               23.8%

2. McKesson Provider Technologies       630                   1,815            12.6%               36.4%

3. Cerner Corporation                                560                   2,375            11.2%               47.6%

4. Siemens Medical Solutions                  425                   2,800              8.5%               56.1%

5. Self-developed by hospital                   357                   3,157              7.2%               63.3%

6. CPSI                                                            353                   3,510              7.1%               70.4%

7. Epic Systems Corporation                   265                   3,775              5.3%               75.7%

8. Eclipsys Corporation                            243                   3,018              4.9%               80.6%

9. Healthcare Management Systems   237                   4,255              4.8%               85.4%

10.  Healthland                                           198                   4,453              4.0%               89.4%

TOTAL HOSPITALS WITH EHR     4,453                   4,453            89.4%               89.4%

TOTAL HOSPITALS IN U.S.2 4,987                   4,987          100.0%             100.0%

1 source: HIMSS Analytics data as published in Modern Healthcare
2 source: American Hospital Association

Dark Daily believes this information supports two conclusions about hospital and health system adoption of EHR systems. One, the 90% EHR adoption rate in the nation’s acute care hospitals confirms that an overwhelming majority of hospital administrators are now committed to the goal of a fully-paperless electronic health record. Two, the hard work of implementation is now underway in these institutions. The challenge is now to integrate the myriad legacy information systems within the hospital to achieve the fully-integrated, real-time patient EHR.

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