To our Loyal, Enthusiastic Readers,

We are pleased to announce that Dark Daily sent out its 100th briefing on Wednesday! We pride ourselves in bringing you breaking clinical laboratory and pathology news and important trends to help you keep your laboratory ahead of its competitors.

Our goal with Dark Daily was to share wisdom and insights gathered by the founders of The Dark Report with a targeted e-briefing service to laboratory industry professionals. As regular readers of Dark Daily, you have different needs and interests than the clients who pay for The Dark Report Intelligence Service. We constantly monitor which e-briefings you find most interesting and useful. That information guides us in selecting subjects for news briefings and analysis for Dark Daily readers.

Now, we make a call to you, our readers, to help us improve the quality and content of Dark Daily. We created a brief Dark Daily Subscriber Survey with questions about how you value Dark Daily, who you are, and how you think we can make our publication better. We promise to share the results with you in a future edition of Dark Daily. If you can’t click through the link above, simply paste this URL into your browser:

Expect to see some changes in Dark Daily in the coming year, not only in the content but also in the breadth of Dark Daily offerings. We hope to provide you with useful special reports, product reviews, and more in-depth analysis from leading figures in the laboratory industry.

Thanks in advance for sharing your responses and comments with us and we look forward to sharing many more hundreds of briefings with you in the future!

Your Editors,

Robert & Sylvia