With this first Dark Daily briefing, we have launched a new resource for laboratory administrators, pathologists, practice administrators, and anyone working in the laboratory industry. Dark Daily’s goal is to provide you with useful information that helps you better manage your laboratory, as well as develop your own effectiveness.

Each quick-to-read, incisive briefing will give you valuable insights. Some days we may cover breaking news that affects you and your laboratory organization. Other times, your Dark Daily will alert you to a useful management innovation or technique that you can use to make a positive difference. Of course, each Dark Daily briefing electronically delivered to you will have that unique perspective that has made The Dark Report the premier source of business intelligence for the laboratory industry’s most successful leaders, pathologists, and managers.

On your Dark Daily team is Robert L. Michel and Sylvia Christensen. They collaborate on every word you’ll read and their objective is to provide you with the information resource you’ve long wanted—but could never find. In fact, Dark Daily exists because so many of you asked us for a regular, electronic delivery of timely news, analysis, and management advances in clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology.

You have our promise that each Dark Daily briefing will prove useful to you. You are likely to find your personal perspective on important issues is strengthened because Dark Daily provides you with context and analysis that is difficult to find in sources besides The Dark Report.

Now, to keep our promise of brevity, it is time to close. You are welcome to contact Robert (rmichel@darkdaily.com) and Sylvia (schristensen@darkdaily.com) any time. Let us know when we’ve provided you with something particularly useful. Alert us to stories or events that you want us to cover. And, if you disagree with our views, feel free to fire off an email and tell us what you think!

Yours truly,

Robert & Sylvia