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Every Medical Laboratory Executive’s Guide To Achieving Greater Profits: Using Healthcare Relationship Management to Improve Performance While Overcoming Common Obstacles

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EVERY MEDICAL LABORATORY EXECUTIVE’S GUIDE TO ACHIEVING GREATER PROFITS: Using Healthcare Relationship Management to Improve Performance While Overcoming Common ObstaclesAs healthcare reform kicks in, the medical laboratory industry is undergoing a major transformation. Among increased regulation, decreased reimbursement, and mounting competition, clinical labs face deep challenges in providing a level of service that supports strong, consistent growth.

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Every Medical Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Achieving Greater Profits: Using Healthcare Relationship Management to Improve Performance While Overcoming Common Obstacles

Published by The Dark Report and Dark Daily, it is available free to laboratory professionals as a PDF download.


Along with other topics, this FREE White Paper addresses:

• Common obstacles faced by clinical labs and pathology groups

• Why Healthcare Relationship Management is the foundation for ongoing success

• How to drive Continuous Improvement using real-time knowledge gleaned from Healthcare Business Intelligence

• How to improve employee accountability, productivity, and decision-making processes in clinical labs

• How to achieve “world class” service to improve client retention and profitability

• Three case studies detailing how medical laboratories utilize a Healthcare Relationship Management solution to exceed their goals

Given today’s ferociously competitive environment for clinical laboratories and pathology groups, there has never been a more urgent time to determine a plan for providing better, more responsive and customized service to clients while optimizing internal processes and productivity.

Download this FREE white paper in order to view strategies associated with generating greater efficiency, delivering the highest level of client service, and driving greater profits.


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
Common Obstacles Faced by Medical Laboratories— Page 3

Chapter 2.
Why Healthcare Relationship Management is the Foundation for Your Clinical Lab’s Ongoing Success— Page 6

Chapter 3.
Using Healthcare Relationship Management to Drive Continuous Improvement in Medical Laboratory Operations— Page 9

Chapter 4.
How Healthcare Relationship Management Can Create — Page 13

Chapter 5.
Achieving “World Class” Service to Improve Client Retention and Profitability — Page 16

Chapter 6.
Real-World Medical Laboratory Case Studies— Page 20

Boosting Performance in Your Medical Laboratory Using Healthcare Relationship Management— Page 26

References — Page 27

Free White Paper

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