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Closing The Medical Data Gap: Using IT To Close The Gap Between Health Information Systems And External Documents

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Closing The Medical Data Gap: Using IT To Close The Gap Between Health Information Systems And External Documents

Healthcare creates a wealth of data. Every patient encounter, even a routine checkup, generates a significant volume of information ranging from personal identification data such as Social Security number, age, and address, to clinician notes and impressions, patient data like blood pressure, temperature, pulse, as well as complexlaboratory information.

The trend is toward digital medical information, automated data entry, and the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE), among many other health IT tools. Healthcare reform and various government-led stimulus packages have further pushed the digital revolution onto healthcare. Nonetheless, there is a significant gap between reality and full adoption of digital medical information. A great deal of information is still produced on paper. Integrating it into an EHR for digital archiving, search, retrieval and analysis is a difficult, expensive and time-consuming task.

The Dark Report is happy to offer our readers a chance to download our recently published FREE White PaperClosing The Medical Data Gap: Using IT To Close The Gap Between Health Information Systems And External Documents” at absolutely no charge. This free download will provide readers with a detailed explanation of how to improve Health Information Systems and IT in the laboratory environment.


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Among other topics, this FREE White Paper specifically addresses:

  1. Structured Data Versus Unstructured Data
  2. Different Data Approaches
  3. Specific Data Gap Solutions in Detail…and More

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Table of Contents

Introduction — Page 3

Chapter 1. Structured Data Versus Unstructured Data — Page 5

Chapter 2. The Push For Digital Medical Data — Page 7

Chapter 3. The Laboratory Environment — Page 8

Chapter 4. Data Approaches — Page 10

Chapter 5. Data Gap Solutions – Extract Systems — Page 14

Chapter 6. Data Gap Filled — Page 16

References — Page 18


A-1 About Mark Terry — Page 20

A-2 About Extract Systems — Page 21

A-3 About DARK Daily — Page 22

A-4 About The Dark Intelligence Group, Inc., and THE DARK REPORT — Page 23

A-5 About the Executive War College on Laboratory and Pathology Management — Page 24

A-6 About David Rasmussen — Page 26

Terms of Use — Page 28

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