Expect More Multiplex Clinical Laboratory Testing as Systems Biology Moves Closer to Clinical Practice

In the Pacific Northwest, PeaceHealth has become the first community health system to join the P4 Medicine Institute (P4Mi) in an important collaboration to demonstrate practical clinical applications of systems biology in patient care. P4Mi is itself a spin-off of the Institute for Systems Biology that was founded by Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., and several colleagues.

Rapid Progress in Systems Biology Predicted to Increase Multiplex Testing by Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Trend from reductionism to holistic biomedicine means clinical laboratories and pathologists should expect increased multiplex testing Systems biology (SB) is a rapidly-evolving area of research that, by itself, could greatly expand the need for multiplex testing performed by clinical laboratories. But systems biology has yet to catch the full attention of either the media or Wall Street. That may soon change. Despite the complexity of human metabolic systems, experts in systems biology are...