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Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. provides diagnostic informatics solutions to laboratories worldwide. With our wide-ranging technical and cross-discipline expertise, and equally deep business acumen, no one is better equipped than Sunquest to transform your lab to meet today’s complex healthcare challenges and deliver next-level performance. Since 1979, Sunquest has helped laboratories and healthcare organizations enhance efficiency, improve patient care, and optimize financial results.

Our capabilities include multi-site, multi-disciplinary support for complex anatomic, molecular and genetic testing, and support engagement with physicians and patients outside the hospitals at the point-of-care. Sunquest also provides solutions for public health organizations, in the form of disease surveillance and outbreak management, to promote public health wellness worldwide. Headquartered in Tucson, AZ with offices in Calabasas, London, Dubai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Coimbatore and Brisbane, Sunquest is a global leader in healthcare information technology.


  • Advanced connectivity & interoperability to drive revenue, satisfaction and patient safety
  • Management of outreach, ambulatory and multi-lab networks for order capture, test order routing, and reporting
  • Unparalleled laboratory depth and breadth that supports multi-disciplinary and complex workflows for the clinical, anatomic and molecular labs
  • The one vendor to deliver labs to new heights with wide-ranging technical and cross-discipline expertise


Sunquest Atlas™ for Inreach, Ambulatory and Outreach – Sunquest Atlas solutions enable your healthcare organization to extend configurable workflows and rules management capabilities to physician customers, nursing homes, patient service centers, reference labs and others — including those using electronic medical records (EMRs) and third-party middleware solutions. Integrated or used standalone,       Sunquest Atlas solutions streamline your laboratory business, sales, support and connectivity workflow, helping you improve sales and support, increase pro­ductivity, reduce turnaround time and optimize revenue collection.  Solutions include: Sunquest Physician Portal, Sunquest Advanced EMR Connectivity and Sunquest PSC Portal to manage all of your physician connectivity and electronic orders/results needs.

Sunquest Multi-Lab NetworkingSM – Build and manage diagnostic testing networks for optimal test routing and sharing throughout the enterprise and beyond, with support for Multi-site, Multi-lab Networking for Clinical Laboratories, Including Mergers, Acquisitions and Consolidations. Resolve your need for clean electronic orders and workflow administration in complex environments to address electronic order management across a network of unrelated systems. If you are experiencing the challenges of test sharing, test routing and joint test catalog management while developing lab-to-lab collaborations, Sunquest Multi-Lab Networking SM is designed for you.

Sunquest Mitogen LIMS™ for molecular and genetic diagnostics- Sunquest Mitogen™ LIMS/LIS helps you increase your test volume with scalable processes that reduce turnaround time in the wet lab – from accessioning, sample management and tracking, to management of inventory, reagents and instruments – for all your molecular and genetic workflows, including next-generation sequencing (NGS).

Sunquest AP LIS (Sunquest CoPathPlus™ and Sunquest PowerPath®: Sunquest’s AP LIS solutions provide an integrated laboratory diagnostics solution aimed at satisfying the needs of even the most complex anatomic pathology (AP) lab operations. From advanced protocol management to sample routing and tracking, our AP LIS goes far beyond what other laboratory information system and basic EHR modules deliver to enable labs to operate at the highest levels of efficiency, patient safety and financial success. Combined with Sunquest VUE, which advances comprehensive reporting and streamlines the diagnostic process for anatomic pathologists, the Sunquest AP LIS ensures users receive effective, advanced workflow support across the laboratory care continuum.

Sunquest Laboratory™: Proven, market-leading laboratory information solution designed to help world-class labs deliver accurate, efficient and reliable results.  Sunquest Laboratory™ is the core engine of your organization’s laboratory operations, with comprehensive laboratory workflows and functionality that helps you provide the service, information and value to support the healthcare community and delivery of care. The integrated laboratory information system (LIS) comprises microbiology, molecular, general laboratory (clinical and anatomic pathology) and blood bank.

Sunquest COVID-19 Essential Suite:  Extend your reach to physician customers and test for both active and past infections.  The Sunquest COVID-19 Essential Suite provides labs with a set of tools to quickly stand up testing and broaden interoperability reach to physician customers. The offering includes rapid implementation of electronic COVID-19 test orders and reliable results support, instrument connectivity, and workflows for both active and past infection through RT-PCR and serology testing. Scale quickly for COVID-19 test volume while offering your customers electronic orders and results support.

State Department of Health (DOH) Reporting for COVID-19: For real-time integrated COVID-19 reporting to your state DOH, Sunquest offers solutions to support your compliance goals. This includes the ability to modify an existing Sunquest electronic lab report (ELR) to include the expanded US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) requirements, as well as to provide for new integration support.  Available with Sunquest Laboratory LIS.

Sunquest WorldCare™:  Supporting Rapid Response to Disease Surveillance – including COVID-19. Sunquest WorldCare™ Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management is a software solution for public health departments, laboratories and health practitioners to investigate disease incidents, track transmission, and proactively prevent outbreaks. As COVID-19 continues to grow and spread throughout the world, Sunquest customers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and most recently Qatar, have been able to quickly respond by leveraging their system tools to heavily support their novel coronavirus work and help achieve their community wellness goals.


“We wanted a platform that was paperless, cutting-edge, alive and responsive. Sunquest Mitogen LIMS is designed for molecular testing.”
Jason Walker, PhD, Clinical Laboratory Director, Apollo Genetics

“We wanted clean, correct orders. There was a multitude of reasons to go to Sunquest. They offered a full feature-set and clearly stood out among the suppliers we looked at.”
— Raymond Rosenberry, Application Specialist, OSF System Laboratory

“Sunquest ran with our vision. They never said, ‘We can’t do that.’ With other companies we talked to, we were kind of hitting a brick wall.”
— Bruce Williams, Corporate Director of Laboratory Services, Trivergent Health Alliance

“We were able to be successful with this design with Sunquest, where we may not have been as successful with another vendor. Without Sunquest, I don’t think we would have the customer satisfaction that we do.”
— J. Mark Tuthill, MD, Division Head, Pathology Informatics, Henry Ford Health System

“Sunquest has dramatically improved our service at Patient Service Centers. Sunquest offers a lot of advantages to people trying to get into outreach. Today, it is necessary to find a partner who already knows how to do this. You just don’t have time to learn it yourself. It’s best to hire that expertise.”
— Vicky McClain, Administrative Director, Laboratory Services, Huntsville Hospital

“Sunquest is purpose-built for labs. It is much better for the special functions of reference labs.”
— Raphael Lim, Director of Laboratory Information Systems and Informatics, PHSA LM Labs


The True Value of Best of Breed LIS


Michael Epplen

Mike Epplen, President. Mike brings more than 20 years of healthcare software experience to Sunquest. Prior to his current position, Mike served as chief operating officer for Sunquest, president for Atlas Medical and president for Data Innovations. Mike’s broad skills range from product management to sales and service leadership. He holds a master’s degree from University of Cincinnati and bachelor’s degree from Thomas More College.

Paul Stinson

Paul Stinson, Chief Growth Officer. Paul brings more than 25 years of experience in health information technology. Prior to joining Sunquest, Paul was the chief product and marketing officer at StayWell Health Management, leading the organization’s technology refresh. Paul has also served in product, marketing and executive leadership roles at MedAssets, Sage Healthcare, and MedQuist. Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Michigan Technological University.

Jonathan Pierson

Jonathan Pierson, Chief Operating Officer. Jonathan is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, from the products we design to the way we deploy and support them. Jonathan brings more than 20 years of experience in large-scale and high-volume systems implementations. Previously, Jonathan was VP of MedAssets’ implementation services team. Jonathan has also held leadership positions in systems design and implementation management at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) and PRG-Schultz.


Sunquest Information Systems

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