Tapping the Power of Social Media: How Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups Are Increasing Revenue with New Accounts while Improving Staff Recruiting and Retention

Webinar was held Thursday,
June 23, 2016 at 1PM EDT

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Smart clinical labs and pathology groups are turning to social media—including LinkedIn and Facebook—among other sites, to achieve significant business goals. These labs are using social media to upgrade the talent in their workforces, to recruit top performers from competing labs, and even to capture more specimen volume and new client accounts.

Best of all, savvy lab managers can use social media channels to achieve these goals with minimal time and just small amounts of money.

And there is more! Clinical lab managers, clinical chemists, young pathologists, medical technologists and other laboratory scientists are using LinkedIn and other social media to find their ideal jobs with their dream lab employers. Even with existing lab employers, lab professionals can use their social media presence and LinkedIn tools to move up the management ladder to achieve their personal career goals.

Join us for a lab industry first: a webinar dedicated to teaching you how to leverage social media, especially LinkedIn, in ways that help your lab:

  • Make more money by gaining profitable new physician clients faster and with less sales effort
  • Recruit more experienced and talented employees at all levels, from managers and senior administrators to pathologists, clinical laboratory scientists—even phlebotomists, couriers, and accessioners
  • Improve employee retention, reduce staff turnover in the lab because of improved workplace culture and greater pride in the lab’s accomplishments

Yes! During this exceptional webinar, you’ll learn the inside secrets that innovative labs are using with their social media strategies to add tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue from greater volumes of specimens and profitable new physician accounts.

You’ll also learn how you can both reduce staff turnover and improve retention of your lab’s best-performing team members because of your lab’s social media strategy. That also saves thousands of dollars per year because of reduced help wanted advertising, less temp help from agencies, fewer overtime hours, as well as less money and time spent training the new hires in key positions that were created by staff turnover.

All of this is easier than you think, because this all-new webinar will teach you how! Join us for “Tapping the Power of Social Media: How Clinical Labs and Pathology Groups Are Increasing Revenue with New Accounts while Improving Staff Recruiting and Retention,” being presented Thursday, June 23 at 1PM EDT.

During this 90-minute session, you’ll get the inside scoop on why the internet and social media have become essential tools in every clinical lab and pathology group’s financial and clinical success strategies. You’ll get the step-by-step pathway your lab needs to develop its social media plan.

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Your presenters for this webinar are Peggy McKee, Chief Executive Officer and Recruiter, PHC Consulting in Celina, TX, and Debra Harrsch, President and CEO, Brandwidth Solutions in Lansdale, PA.

Ms. McKee will kick off the discussion with an illuminating overview of LinkedIn and how it relates to your lab’s overall social media strategy. She will introduce the basics of building a top-notch LinkedIn profile, then go into intermediate and advanced ways to add impact to your lab’s LinkedIn presence.

You will understand why you don’t want to stop with your lab’s LinkedIn profile and why it is important for your lab’s executives and managers at all levels to have equally well-constructed profiles. Among other reasons, that allows top-performing med techs, Ph.D.s, young pathologists, and skilled lab managers to see the quality of your lab’s management team and why it is such an outstanding place to work.

Next, Debra Harrsch will explain the best ways for clinical labs, pathology groups, and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies to create and implement their organization’s social media plan. She’ll explain high strategy, then drill down to the actions your organization should take with the different types of social media channels, the role such media play, and why each may or may not be important to your lab’s business plan. Debra will then cover a step-by-step guide to creating a social media plan, including how to build a strategy, how to define your objectives, identify your audience, and more.

Ms. Harrsch will then bring it all together by presenting a social media case study. She’ll explain how and why that particular social media plan was created, and share the benefits and results achieved.

For clinical lab and pathology group administrators and managers:

  • Understand the principles of social media and how you use them to create maximum credibility for your lab organization
  • Learn about various social media channels and what differentiates them from one another
  • Get insight into why different social media sites can help, or hinder, your lab’s efforts to build awareness
  • Hear case studies of different lab’s media strategies, along with how the successful labs gained credibility, new physician clients, and increased revenue
  • How to leverage social media to generate new lab prospects that can be converted into paying customers

For young pathologists, PhDs, Med techs, other lab scientists and professionals:

  • How to put together a social media game plan, either for your lab or for yourself
  • Learn how social media can help you stand out from other candidates for your ideal lab job
  • Tips for building credibility and visibility as reliable contributors when responding to open lab positions
  • Creating awareness in the social media laboratory space of your skills, accomplishments, and your potential for contribution to your next lab employer

For human resource managers of clinical labs, pathology groups, and lab industry vendors:

  • Learn why the reliable, tried-and-true recruiting approaches of past years are now passé
  • The importance of social media, particularly LinkedIn, for attracting the highest-caliber candidates for your job openings
  • Using social media to educate the labor pool about your lab organization’s first-rate benefits and a productive working culture
  • Building awareness across the industry that your lab offers great training and career development opportunities, and much more!



Debra Harrsch, President and CEO, Brandwidth Solutions, LLC, Lansdale, PA.

For over 20 years, Debra Harrsch has been providing marketing expertise to Fortune 500 companies and others, contributing to brand recognition and profit growth. Serving in executive, directorship, and consulting positions in healthcare, biotechnical, life science, energy, and chemical industries, she has structured research, marketing and PR plans, social media, and online and print ad campaigns for domestic and international audiences. Brandwidth Solutions is the proud winner of 10 Dx Creative awards in Public Relations, Social Media, Advertising, Websites, Branding, Interactive Applications and overall campaigns.

Chief Executive Officer and Recruiter, PHC Consulting, Celina, TX.

Peggy McKee is known as the Medical Sales Recruiter. She holds a Bachelor or Science degree in chemistry and a Master of Business Adminstration degree in marketing from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked in the laboratory sales industry for Chiron, Bayer, Genex, and Biorad in varied capacities as Regional Sales Manager, National Accounts Manager, Regional Product Manager, Systems Specialist, and Account Manager before founding her own recruiting business in 1999. PHC Consulting is now a nationally recognized medical sales recruiting firm with clients in every sector of medical sales, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. McKee has been named one of the “Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters” by HR Examiner, and has been quoted in articles from CNN and CAP TODAY, to Yahoo!HotJobs, the Denver Examiner, and more.