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AUSTIN, Texas (June 14, 2021) – DARK Daily today announced “Clinical-Grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Your Pathology Lab: What’s Ready Now, What’s Coming Soon, and How Pathologists Can Profit from Its Use,” a premium webinar to guide pathologists through the essentials of implementing AI in digital pathology and clinical practice—including how to fund their investment. It will be held Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 1 pm EDT and on-demand after that. 

Artificial intelligence is poised to transform surgical pathology. The latest generation of image-analysis algorithms demonstrates the capability to reliably analyze a digital pathology image and produce a clinically acceptable diagnostic answer. 

“All surgical pathologists should recognize that, once the FDA begins to review and clear algorithms capable of using digital pathology images to make an accurate primary diagnosis of cancer, their daily work routines will be forever changed,” stated Robert L. Michel, Editor-in-Chief of Dark Daily and its sister publication The Dark Report. “Essentially, as FDA clearance is for use in clinical care, pathology image analysis algorithms powered by AI will put anatomic pathology on the road to total automation.”

For pathology groups serving community hospitals, the arrival of automated image analysis will be both a threat and an opportunity.

The Threat: Pathology groups that are slow to acquire and use AI-powered image analysis solutions will lose market share and revenue when referring physicians send their biopsies to pathology groups that quickly incorporated AI solutions into their daily clinical practice.

The Opportunity: Innovative community pathology practices incorporate AI-powered image analysis tools into their daily clinical practice and use them to achieve two critical goals: 1) Improve the productivity, accuracy, and consistency of the group’s pathologists. 2) Win new clients, increase specimen referrals that generate more revenue, and lift individual pathologists’ compensation.

This webinar is organized as a roundtable discussion so participants can interact with the expert panelists. The Chair and Moderator is Ajit Singh, PhD, Adjunct Professor at the Stanford School of Medicine and Partner at Artiman Ventures. The panelists represent academic pathology, community hospital pathology, and the commercial sector. They are:

Clinical-Grade Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Your Pathology Lab: What’s Ready Now, What’s Coming Soon, and How Pathologists Can Profit from Its Use” will be available via premium live access Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 1 PM EST and on-demand thereafter. DVD purchase available at additional cost. Also, because so many pathologists are working remotely, Dark Daily has arranged special group rates for pathology practices that would like their surgical pathologists to participate in this important webinar and roundtable discussion on AI-powered primary diagnosis of pathology images.

To register or get more information on this webinar, click here. For additional information or group registrations, inquire at info@darkreport.com or call Amanda Curtis at 512-264-7103.


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