News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel

News, Analysis, Trends, Management Innovations for
Clinical Laboratories and Pathology Groups

Hosted by Robert Michel
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Laboratory Intelligence Assessment 2017This Executive Briefing Contains Timely Intelligence for your Lab

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For classic movie buffs, the good, the bad and the ugly might conjure images of spaghetti westerns from the 60’s, where the good guy always got his man and the bad guys always got their comeuppance. That was the backdrop of Robert Michel’s opening remarks at the 21st Annual Executive War College.

But, what relevance could the characters and symbolism of the “Man with No Name” trilogy blockbuster, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, possibly have with an intelligence assessment of today’s laboratory industry? Consider the landscape that laboratory professionals find themselves in today. Most would agree that many of the circumstances are pretty bad and some, very ugly. But, what is essential for any laboratory to survive, much less thrive in what amounts to a sea change in the fundamental models of healthcare delivery and reimbursement, is to recognize “the good,” the opportunity, that all change presents to the alert, the proactive, and the innovative.

The purpose of this report is to encapsulate the essential takeaways that emerged from Robert Michel’s presentation. The goal is for that knowledge to serve you in positioning your lab to deliver greater value in the days, months and years to come.


Sections covered in this Executive Briefing include:

1. Understanding the Ugly, the Bad, and the Good in Today’s Healthcare and Clinical Laboratory Industry

2. Trends and Takeaways for Clinical Laboratories

3. Biomarkers, the ‘Omics’, and Medical Lab Testing

4. First-Mover Medical Laboratories Show Ways to Deliver Greater Value


Additionally, you’ll  learn more about the following opportunities:

  • The emerging field of personalized and precise medicine and what it means for laboratories
  • The new quality imperative for the medical industry through transparency and customer feedback
  • The tougher fight for dollars and the good and bad ways for labs to cut costs
  • The necessity to increase value for patients, hospitals, health systems, payers and clinicians
  • The growing needs in the ‘omics’ fields, including genomics, proteomics, microbiomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, epigenomics, pharmacogenomics and others
  • Implementing practices of “first-mover labs” through early adoption of changes in the industry

In the end, this downloadable Executive Briefing will give valuable insight about the undercurrent in the laboratory industry today: labs must deal with bad circumstances, including some ugly behaviors on the part of some executives in the industry, while at the same time working to seize major good – even excellent – opportunities.

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