Inpeco is a global leader in clinical laboratory automation and sample traceability, designing cutting-edge solutions for both outside and inside the clinical labs, to achieve process improvements while simplifying the biological sample processing.

Our transportation solutions inside the labs streamline the testing process and deliver faster turnaround time, higher safety, and overarching workflow control. The Inpeco FlexLab solution for total lab automation offers real openness, to provide hospitals and laboratories the freedom to connect analyzers from different suppliers (over 50 available) and to extend the open approach to the largest possible portion of samples to be analyzed (10 analytical specialties).

We believe that clinical labs can boost their contribution to modern medicine by enhancing the trustworthiness of samples, through this certified tracking of their diagnostic journey.



  • Savvy designers of lab efficient automation layouts
  • Thorough understanding of lab workflow needs
  • Long experience in tailor-made lab solutions



lnpeco FlexLab™ is the most advanced open automation solution that can connect over 50 analyzers of various IVD vendors (and for multiple specialties) into one single transportation system. With FlexLab, labs of any size can connect the analyzers of their choice and the specialties they need, designing the layout that best fit their needs.

The connectable automation covers all the pre-analytical steps (tubes preparation) and the post-analytical activities (till sample storage, retrieval and dispose). FlexLab™ is modular and scalable, to meet the evolving requirements of the labs; its powerful Analytix Software ensures full sample traceability and allows for real time workflow optimization to increase productivity.

Inpeco ProTube™  is a compact automation and traceability solution for blood collection centers, designed to prevent pre-analytical errors. Its intuitive user interface guides the phlebotomist step by step through the collection process, assuring the correct match between patients, tests, tubes and draw orders. Moreover, the Analytix Software allows for continuous optimization of the sampling process and offers customizable reporting dashboards with actionable insights.

In combination, FlexLab and ProTube enable full traceability and increased productivity, from the beginning of the tube journey (at collection point) to the end, including any step in pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical phases. Thus making the Total Testing Process safe and certified.



“Automation presented by Inpeco allows us to eliminate a lot of time-consuming tasks that the medical technologists were performing. This enables them to focus their skill set on higher-level tasks such as releasing patients’ results to the clinicians.”

— Margherita Walkowski, Director of Core Lab Automation, Quest | Marlborough (USA)


“I was already familiar with Task Targeted Automation, but I soon realized that a Total Laboratory Automation was the only way to achieve the best quality whilst increasing the workload.”

— Dr. Germano de Sousa, Head of Centro de Medicina Laboratorial | Lisbon (Portugal)–efficiency-inside-and-around-the-lab/


“When we installed the Inpeco Vertical Transportation Module we repourposed spaces and operations as well, because for the first time we were able to design the laboratory workflow in a new dimension.”

— Dr. Maurice Redondo, ​​​​​​​Head of Corelab at Viollier | Allschwil (Switzerland)


“For our Department, integrating Microbiology into the Core Lab FlexLab platform has meant consolidating the quality assurance of results. A single check-in point for the entire lab was a big step forward; this has enabled a reduction in the staff engaged in those pre-analytical activities that have limited added value.”

— Dr. Giorgio Da Rin, Head of Hospital Laboratory Medicine Lab | Bassano (Italy)



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