FrontRunnerHC helps independent labs and healthcare facilities ensure accurate, efficient, and cost-effective reimbursements for all the accessions and services they want to perform by providing reliable and complete patient demographic, insurance, and financial information. Our automated portfolio of software features unparalleled Benefits Investigation capabilities, is interoperable with patient records and billing systems, and is supported by a team of billing and insurance experts.

Many organizations struggle to maximize their reimbursements in today’s environment. Three key factors adding to the challenge are inaccurate patient data, the complexity of the insurance industry, and patients’ increasing out-of-pocket costs. While organizations make heroic efforts to keep up, many find themselves with an inefficient system, unable to capture accurate patient demographic, insurance, and financial information critical for accurate, timely, and patient-centric billing. The result is often forfeited revenue, wasted staff time and resource constraints, unnecessary costs of rework, and negative billing experiences for patients and their referring physicians.

FrontRunnerHC finds, verifies, and fixes patient information errors as early as possible in the cycle to help tackle the challenges that can impact their financial stability or growth. Our solutions can be leveraged at the front-end on order entry and before the bill is sent, or at the back-end (e.g. AR cleanup). FrontRunnerHC is committed to continual innovation and collaboration with our clients, helping them address the constantly-changing patient billing and collections environment. We are proud to help fuel their ability to provide critical services by improving their financial performance, staff productivity, and patient billing experiences.



  • Real-time software platform features robust Benefits Investigation capabilities with access to over 2000 regulated data sources including insurance companies to find, cross-check, verify, and fix patient demographic and insurance information that help you maximize reimbursements
  • Automated solutions to ease your order entry process or reduce the administrative reimbursement burden for COVID testing and comply with the CARES Act
  • Accounts Receivable evaluation and clean-up service help you capture revenue you’re entitled to collect and convert AR to cash
  • All patient data aggregated in 1 place, accessible through a workflow portal, web service (APIs), & mobile progressive web applications
  • Dedicated team of industry experts to support clients and continually innovate to address the evolving customer and industry needs related to patient billing and collections



PatientRemedi is an automated portfolio of software designed to maximize your reimbursements by helping to ensure all your patient demographic, insurance, and financial information is correct and complete. Tailored to your patient population, it features powerful Benefits Investigation capabilities that leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and access to over 2000 regulated data sources including insurance companies to obtain and verify patient information, fix errors, and automatically post the information back into your system for accurate and timely billing. The integrated suite of software includes:

  1. Eligibility Verification: goes beyond just checking patients’ insurance eligibility to find specific benefits coverage and exceptions
  2. Demographic Verification: not only finds patients’ demographic information, but cross-checks, validates, and fixes errors
  3. Insurance Discovery: discovers patient insurance in real-time, including coordination of benefits coverage for MCOs & Medicare Advantage Plans
  4. Financial Disposition: helps you assess your patients’ propensity to pay, determine if they may qualify for hardship assistance, and optimize any collection efforts


COVID-Assist helps hospital and independent labs accelerate and automate COVID test reimbursements, reduce the claims processing burden, and remain compliant with the CARES Act. Our solution automates the process of gathering patient data, verifying insurance coverage of self-pay status, and capturing HRSA Member IDs. It then provides uploads that are fully audited and compliant patient files to your billing system to submit to insurance carriers or HRSA. By automating the process, we can help organizations scale up to 100,000 tests daily without impacting their staffing levels as it pertains to patient information.

Accounts Receivable (AR) Evaluation and Clean-up:

Don’t forfeit revenue you’re entitled to collect. Convert your unpaid AR to cash. We’ll run your batch of claims through our automated suite of revenue cycle software with unmatched benefits investigation capabilities, and our dedicated insurance specialists will also manually search for missing information on your behalf. In 24 hours after our initial set-up (which typically takes less than a week), we will repackage and return your cleaned data, conveniently segmented by opportunity and in ready-to-action files so you can send accurate bills to your patients or insurance companies. And the service is risk free as you’ll pay only for what you can bill.

White Glove Plus:

Is your staff stretched thin? Let our in-house insurance and healthcare claims experts act as an extension of your billing department to help you maximize your reimbursements while saving you time and money. Working on behalf of your organization, our experts will research all your patient demographic and insurance-related issues that require manual review and post the accurate data to the highest level of specificity back into your billing system so you can quickly bill your patients or submit to insurance carriers.


 “We couldn’t have done it without you, and the software you developed to help with the HRSA COVID-19 claims reimbursement process.” – Heather Richmond-Munyon, Director of Billing, Diatherix Eurofins

“I’d give it (COVID-Assist solution) a 10 out of 10. FrontRunnerHC is the only reason we’ve been able to do what we do, on the level that we do it.” – Client contact at National leader in COVID-19 testing contact

“This is great, so we don’t have to close out or leave our screens to look up MBIs. This will definitely help our team with Medicare.” – Tammy Sherer, Senior Director, Ambulatory Access, University of Alabama Medical Center

“This will have a huge impact on our patient satisfaction.” – Terri Rositch, Associate Director, Customer Service, academic health system

Results achieved for one health system from AR Evaluation and Cleanup offering: Millions of dollars in claims identified that had been allocated to incorrect insurance companies, and millions more that were eligible for reimbursement that could have otherwise been forfeited. Sonora Quest Laboratories success story, as posted on XIFIN website:


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John (JD) Donnelly, President and CEO  John (JD) Donnelly, President and CEO 

John (“JD”) has dedicated much of his career to developing standards and streamlining processes for the transmission of electronic patient data to better enable healthcare providers to safely and compliantly secure compensation for their services. In the mid-nineties, JD founded TeraHealth to create automated connections between providers and payers to validate and process eligible claims. TeraHealth was bought by MPV which was later acquired by Experian Healthcare. JD launched FrontRunnerHC in 2010 with a mission to help providers verify and effectively process any healthcare-related transaction, leveraging a real-time software platform and claim agnostic database. The approach employs robotic processing automation (RPA) and access to thousands of regulated data sources to update outdated or missing patient demographic and insurance data.  Employing a collaborative approach with clients, FrontRunnerHC has been at the forefront of innovation, helping industry leaders address the ever-changing landscape of patient billing and collections.

Sean EnglishSean English, Director of Strategic Accounts

Sean brings nearly two decades of leadership experience in the laboratory industry to his role as Director of Strategic Accounts. Having worked extensively in the Revenue Cycle and Finance verticals at BioReference Laboratories, Interpace BioSciences and LabQ Diagnostics, Sean has developed a deep knowledge of the challenges healthcare providers and labs face in obtaining reimbursement and meeting revenue projections. Combining this knowledge with a desire to understand clients’ unique organizational challenges and develop innovative solutions to overcome them is Sean’s top priority.

Jennifer HoodJennifer Hood, Senior Account Executive

Jenn collaborates with clients to determine their needs and implement processes to help them maximize revenue. She is a Certified Coding Specialist (CCS-P) and brings 20 years of healthcare experience, with expertise in billing and software account management. Prior to joining FrontRunnerHC, Jenn worked as Director of Billing Operations for Biocept, Inc. and Millennium Health, LLC. Additionally, she worked at XIFIN as a Client Success Manager where she partnered with their clients to streamline billing workflow and organizational efficiency using XIFIN’s automation capabilities.

Dan McGuinnDan McGuinn, VP, Business Development

Dan has extensive experience in the healthcare technology and laboratory industries, and brings with him a deep industry knowledge of data exchanges and healthcare partnerships. His focus as the VP, Business Development is on maintaining and building strategic and channel partner relationships. Prior to joining FrontRunnerHC, Dan was most recently the VP of Hospitals and Laboratories for Halfpenny Technologies, a division of Accumen Inc. Known as an innovative thought leader, Dan has a passion for collaborative efforts that unlock the power of healthcare data to help drive cost savings for healthcare across our country.

Leslie Hein SullivanLeslie Hein Sullivan, VP, Marketing

Leslie leads the marketing effort at FrontRunnerHC, leveraging her extensive experience in the healthcare and technology industry. Most recently, Leslie worked for GE Healthcare where she held several leadership roles in marketing, sales enablement, and strategic account management. Her passion for deeply understanding clients’ priority objectives and the challenges they have achieving them fuel her approach and commitment to continually enhance value to our customers.


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