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If Lean and Six Sigma could be called hot management trends in the laboratory profession today, then a new challenge is hitting the radar screen for many laboratory directors and pathologists. “It involves the work culture in the lab—the attitudes of the med techs and lab staff—that often holds back the entire laboratory from achieving world-class performance, both clinically and operationally,” notes Jeff Smith, Vice-President of Leadership Development at Slone Partners, a Miami, Florida-based search firm that has a growing business with the laboratory profession. If you’re a lab director, pathologist, or lab manager interested in supporting positive cultural change in your laboratory, you’ll want to download this FREE Special Report featuring Jeff Smith.

This is a rare opportunity to get the inside secrets and strategies for reshaping your lab’s working culture into an energizing, can-do environment. Find out what the nation’s top-performing labs are doing to foster this kind of nurturing culture, and get ideas, tips and change models that you can put to work immediately in your laboratory. Download this FREE Special Report today and ensure your lab’s culture is one that promotes teamwork, accountability and productivity.

Jeffrey Smith is a well-known consultant on leadership development, and consults with laboratories across the U.S. on ways to enhance productivity and increase teamwork. He is Vice-President of Leadership Development for Slone Partners, and previous to that worked five years in HR and Operations for the growing Carillon Labs company.

Leo Serrano brings more than 40 years of administrative and technical lab experience. He is Director of Laboratory Services & Lean Initiatives at the Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD.

 Table of Contents
  • Preface:  Change Your Working Culture or Lose Your Medical Laboratory pg. 3
  • Chapter 1. Defining Culture? pg. 4
  • Chapter 2. How to lead Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials  pg. 13
  • Chapter 3. Create a Motivated and Engaged Workforce pg. 20
  • Chapter 4. Break Down the Silo Mentality pg. 26
  • Chapter 5. Deal with the Entitlement Mentality pg. 29
  • Chapter 6. Strike the Right Balance between Operations and Sales pg. 32
  • Chapter 7. Retain the Right People pg. 37
  • Chapter 8. Create a CEO of your Department Philosophy pg. 42


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