A Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Intelligently Reducing Costs While Achieving Operational Excellence and Superior Client Service

Using the Healthcare Cloud™ to Remain Competitive in Today’s Environment

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Clinical diagnostic laboratories and pathology groups are facing a dramatically tougher economic environment than they were even ten or twenty years ago. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) has implemented significant changes. Although ultimately the ACA should increase the market for clinical laboratory testing by insuring millions more individuals in the U.S., major components of the legislation require greater efficiencies, lower costs, higher quality and accountability. A gradual shift from fee-for-service reimbursement to pay-for-performance seems likely, even if the actual mechanics of such a shift are not clear.

Clinical laboratories are the repositories of vast amounts of business data, as well as clinical data, much of it being held in separate silos and going unutilized. Adoption of lab-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and healthcare Business Intelligence (BI) solution can help laboratories to leverage that data to improve workflow, become more efficient, improve customer service, and ultimately improve the quality of the healthcare services they provide.

This white paper addresses the major challenges facing clinical diagnostic laboratories and pathology groups, obstacles to efficiency and the challenges to sustaining quality in the face of a complicated, dynamic regulatory and reimbursement environment. It addresses the economics of cloud computing and business intelligence solutions and the need for developing strategic partnerships with real-time insight into key performance indicators. It presents three case studies of how laboratory facilities have met those challenges and will present a plan and business intelligence tools on how to implement those changes.

The Dark Report is delighted to offer our readers a chance to download our recently published FREE White Paper “A Laboratory Executive’s Guide to Intelligently Reducing Costs While Achieving Operational Excellence and Superior Client Service: Using the Healthcare Cloud to Remain Competitive in Today’s Environment,” at absolutely no charge. This free download will provide readers with a detailed discussion on the current healthcare economic environment, the economics of cloud computing, and steps to achieve operational excellence by utilizing a lab-specific CRM and healthcare BI solution.

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Along with other topics, this FREE White Paper specifically addresses:

• Obstacles to efficiency

• Understanding the economics of the cloud

• Key elements to sustaining clinical laboratory quality

• How to reduce costs while achieving operational excellence

• Three case studies of laboratories that have implemented hc1.com’s products with resulting savings and efficiencies

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Table of Contents

— Page 3

Chapter 1:
Obstacles to Achieving Efficiency in the Clinical Laboratory
— Page 4

Chapter 2:
Achieving Operational Excellence and Superior Client Service
— Page 8

Chapter 3:
Understanding the Economics of the Cloud
— Page 13

Chapter 4:
Sustaining Quality in the Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory
— Page 15

Chapter 5:
Real-World Case Studies
— Page 18

Conclusion: — Page 25

References  — Page 26


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