Your Clinical Lab’s Opportunity to Capture $100K-$500K in Wasted Spending: Proven Steps to Improve Inventory Management, Free Up Cash, and Increase Lab Performance

Webinar held Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 1PM EST


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Would a quick infusion of $100,000 to $500,000 in cash within 30 days of implementing a simple process improvement project make a big difference for your clinical laboratory or pathology group—particularly at a time when your parent hospital is cutting your lab’s budget?

Should you answer that question with a “yes,” then read further to learn how two of the nation’s most respected laboratory organizations harvested that much cash and more with existing staff and resources, and how your lab can do this, too. These two labs saw the opportunity to convert inventory—reagents and consumables—to cash by initiating simple and speedy process improvement projects. In only weeks, each lab successfully reduced expensive inventory levels while eliminating stock-outs and the problem of expired reagents, to name just two benefits. Best of all, your lab—whether small, medium, large, or multi-site—has the same opportunity to free up $100,000 to $500,000 or more in spendable cash!

The methods used by the lab teams at Henry Ford Health System and Saint Francis Health System will work just as well in your lab. To give you and your lab team a fast start on your own project to obtain cash through better inventory management, DarkDaily has arranged a special webinar titled, “Your Clinical Lab’s Opportunity to Capture $100K-$500K in Wasted Spending: Proven Steps to Improve Inventory Management, Free Up Cash, and Increase Lab Performance.”

This all-new, 90-minute webinar will take place Wednesday, January 13, at 1PM EST. Your faculty for the webinar, Sharon Cox, MT(ASCP)SC, Core Laboratory Supervisor with Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK, and Rita D’Angelo, MS, ASQ, CQE, LSSBB, President and CEO of D’Angelo Advantage in Gibraltar, MI, formerly with Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, have tremendous combined successful experience at applying unique approaches to laboratory inventory management—resulting in astonishing cost savings and productivity improvements, within weeks following the labs’ implementation! Cox and D’Angelo bring to this webinar powerful cost-cutting tools! Tools that are also easy and fast, achievable by your existing lab team in just a few weeks. These simple but powerful secrets come with another key benefit: your lab is cutting costs without the need to lay off staff or reduce services. Think of how excited your staff will be to learn that they can unlock all this cash without the pain of reduction in hours or other unpopular cost-cutting options.

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Learn how your lab can improve its inventory management and thereby:

  • Reduce costly inventory errors through the supply chain
  • Prevent stock outages—no more late night calls about an item being out of stock
  • Cut labor costs, including those of lab personnel and others
  • Reduce the amount of inventory held on hand
  • Clear inventory space for repurposing and more efficient use
  • Slash shipping costs, both overnight costs and overall costs
  • Increase the productivity of lab staff, freeing them for more meaningful work than inventory management
  • And many more time- and money-saving results!

This is your ideal opportunity to get the inside scoop on new and impactful ways to free up your lab’s cash and increase lab performance!  You will come away with an essential toolkit of money-saving, productivity-boosting information, designed to be actionable by you and your staff immediately. Register your entire team today—you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!


Sharon Cox, MT(ASCP)SC, Core Laboratory Supervisor, Saint Francis Hospital, Tulsa, OK.

Sharon Cox is the Core Laboratory Supervisor at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, OK. A key member of the Saint Francis team with over 20 years of experience within the facility, during Cox’s tenure as Core Laboratory Supervisor, the yearly testing volume has increased from 1.8MM to >8MM tests.

Rita D’Angelo, MS, ASQ, CQE, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, President and CEO, D’Angelo Advantage, Gibraltar, MI.

Rita D’Angelo has been a regulatory quality assurance specialist and served as Quality Manager at the American Red Cross in California.  She is a trained ISO 9000 auditor, an ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt, and a Quality Engineer.  Prior to returning to healthcare, she was a quality manager in charge of FDA regulation in the chemical manufacturing industry.