Boosting the Value of Lab Testing Services: Lessons from Effective Clinical Collaborations with Physicians and the Lab Team at Henry Ford Health

Webinar was held Thursday,
April 14, 2016 at 1PM EDT

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Nearly all clinical labs and pathology groups now feel the double squeeze of shrinking budgets and less reimbursement from health insurers. That’s why innovative labs are taking steps to cut costs while at the same time developing lab testing services that deliver more value to physicians, patients, and payers.

Yes! The goals of cutting costs and adding value can be pursued simultaneously by clinical labs! One excellent example of this duality in cutting costs while adding value can be seen at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, where the clinical laboratory and department of anatomic pathology have identified multiple ways that labs can add value.

In an all-new webinar, “Boosting the Value of Lab Testing Services: Lessons from Effective Clinical Collaborations with Physicians and the Lab Team at Henry Ford Health,” being presented Thursday, April 14 at 1 PM EDT, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with two innovative lab leaders from Henry Ford Health System and learn what is working and why.

During this important session, you’ll learn how the lab team dealt with the common barriers that labs face when implementing value-creation steps, and how your laboratory can benefit from developing its own set of value-based lab testing services.

Your first webinar presenter is Gaurav Sharma, M.D., Director of the Regional Medical Laboratory and Associate Medical Director of the Core Laboratory at Henry Ford. Dr. Sharma will cover, in detail, steps your lab can take to survive, and thrive, in an ACA-driven environment.

Your next presenter is Ilan Rubinfeld, M.D., MBA, FACS, FACP, FCCM, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Henry Ford Medical Center. Dr. Rubinfeld will explain why, in order for the lab’s value-creation efforts to be successful, the importance of collaboration between the laboratory and the health system’s clinicians is so crucial, and give you a better understanding of the opportunities (and barriers) of inter-disciplinary collaboration.

A sampling of the practical guidance the presenters share with you:

  • How choosing the right technology to reduce length-of-stay can yield positive results for the patient, and savings for the system
  • How to draft a framework for determining the relevance and need for expensive or esoteric tests
  • Standardizing lab processes through the creation of an institutional formulary, and how to demonstrate the efficacy of such a system
  • Ways to better interpret the downstream implications of your lab decisions
  • Identifying, tracking, and reducing defects, and improving supplier processes through the use of a defect management system
  • Opportunities for reducing unintended OR, inpatient, and specialty clinic testing
  • Addressing and overcoming the barriers to your lab’s value-creation plan, and much more!

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Across the nation, labs in hospitals and health systems are feeling the pressure from shrinking lab budgets and the need to be a contributor to the integration of clinical care. The work that you put into value-creation steps can pay huge dividends in terms of your laboratory’s contribution to your parent health system, your physician clients, and your patients—so don’t miss this important webinar, register today and get the information and insights you need!


Gaurav Sharma, M.D., Director of the Regional Medical Laboratory, Associate Medical Director of the Core Laboratory, Henry Ford Medical Center, Detroit, MI

Gaurav Sharma, M.D. aspires to be a transformative physician-leader who utilizes his education, training, and experience to bring about Lean- and ISO15189-inspired change in anatomical and clinical pathology laboratories. As a medical student and intern, he completed  formal auditor training in ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 and led the accreditation of India’s first ISO 9001 compliant voluntary external proficiency program (VILAC). As a Chief Resident, he contributed to the development and implementation of numerous process improvements aimed at patient safety.

Ilan Rubinfeld, M.D.,, MBA, FACS, FACP, FCCM, Associate Chief Medical Officer, ,Henry Ford Medical Center, Detroit, MI

Dr. Rubinfeld currently serves as Associate Chief Medical Officer at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. A surgeon by training he is board-certified in in General Surgery, Surgical Intensive Care and Clinical Informatics Dr. Rubinfeld serves as the inpatient co-lead and surgical lead for the implementation of Epic across Henry Ford Health System. As the leader of several health system-wide quality improvement projects he applies his expertise in analytics to help improve quality and patient safety.  Dr. Rubinfeld is an Associate Professor of Surgery at Wayne State University School of Medicine, and continues to practice clinically as an Acute Care Surgeon and Attending in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit.