Understanding The Genomic/Proteomic Revolution

December 2002
Special Intelligence Briefing!

Understanding The Genomic/Proteomic Revolution and How It Will Reshape Medicine!

wp-advancesintechnologyThe Dark Report is pulling out the crystal ball in this issue and gazing into the future with Rick Carlson. He is an “insider” in the full sense of the term. He has access to thought leaders and information unavailable to the media. Because of this fact, his information represents the best intelligence available on how genetic knowledge will change the healthcare system we serve today. More importantly, I encourage you to use this intelligence to help your laboratory or pathology group practice develop appropriate business and clinical strategies.

  • Page 1: R. Lewis Dark—Useful Crystal-Ball Gazing
  • Page 2: Grasping the Impact Of the Coming Genetic Revolution
  • Page 3: Laboratories Sit Squarely Between New Genetics And Today’s Medicine
  • Page 11: Institute For the Future Projects 20-Year Trajectory For Genetic Technology