Kaiser Identifies and Ranks 10 Highest-Price Markets for Health Insurance and Determines that Lack of Competition Is One Contributing Factor

Pathologists may be surprised to learn that the nation’s highest-cost markets for health insurance include Colorado ski resorts and rural regions

What do the 10 most expensive U.S. health insurance markets have in common? According to a story published by Kaiser Health News, the 10 highest-priced markets are characterized by lack of competition among doctors, hospitals and insurers.

That will probably not be a surprise to most clinical laboratory managers and pathologists, particularly if they work for a health system that has lots of market clout in their community. That’s because concentration of market share by just a few powerful hospitals or health systems is associated with higher prices for healthcare. However, there are exceptions. (more…)

Kaiser’s Ranking of 10 Least Expensive Markets for Health Insurance Contain Surprises and Show Where Prices for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Testing May be Cheapest

Study by Kaiser Health News and NPR shows that Minnesota, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Tucson, Arizona are among the least expensive health insurance markets in the United States

Are you lucky to live in one of the nation’s 10 lowest-cost markets for health insurance? Researchers at the Kaiser Family Foundation published a study that identifies the 10 regional markets in the United States where health insurance costs are the cheapest.

Pathology groups and medical laboratories serving these 10 regions are thus probably getting paid less fee-for-service reimbursement than in other more expensive regions of the United States. The study shows how variable the cost of the same healthcare insurance plan can be from one city to the next across the nation. (more…)