Here is your Special Report on Clinical Pathology Laboratory Trends for 2006

There is lots of news to report to you.

First, when you signed up to receive the Dark Daily Briefings, we promised to send you a free special report, titled “Clinical Pathology Laboratory Trends” at the same time that our new service was launched.

With this email, we are delivering your electronic copy of the special report, as promised. In the future, you will need to use your login password, as directed, to access the file to read and to download.

Second, later this week, you will begin to receive the Dark Daily via email as we launch this unique and useful service. Because it is our first effort to use the Internet as a way to deliver valuable information about the management of clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology group practices in a timely, concise way, we hope you will provide us feedback on what you personally find most helpful. Your suggestions for improvement will be most welcome, as well.

Since brevity is a valued attribute, we will sign off here. Look for your first e-briefing of Dark Daily in the next few days!

-Your hardworking Dark Daily Team
PS: Contact us at for anything you might need.

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