As Health Insurers Narrow Their Networks, Some Hospitals and Physicians Find Themselves Excluded, as Happened to Many Clinical Pathology Laboratories

Health insurers may be poised to leave hospitals and physicians out of their networks, thus potentially cutting out pathologists and clinical laboratories

Clinical laboratory companies that find themselves excluded from health insurers’ provider networks do not need to feel like they were singled out. That’s because health insurers are narrowing their networks by also excluding hospitals and physicians.

Years ago, the “narrow network” strategy was used by HMOs and health insurers to extract rock bottom prices from hospitals, physicians, and medical laboratories. Now this strategy is returning as health insurers develop what they call narrow networks. (more…)

Revisiting September 1999: Big Lab News Was AML’s Merger with APL

It was The Dark Report’s headline story ten years ago this month!

Introducing a new feature: Ten Years Ago in The Dark Report
To give Dark Daily readers better context about unfolding events in the laboratory industry, we are pleased to introduce this feature which will appear regularly. Each month, we will dive into our archives and share with you the key events of ten years ago, along with an update to those companies and laboratory executives.

American Medical Labs Merges with Associated Pathologists Lab in 1999

In its September 20, 1999 issue, The Dark Report disclosed that Las Vegas-based Associated Pathologists Laboratories (APL) would be merging with American Medical Laboratories (AML) of Chantilly, Virginia. This bi-coastal merger created the third largest commercial laboratory organization in the United States.