Why Clinical Pathology Laboratories Are Going Overseas to Hire Medical Technologists

Qualified Applicants Seeking to Fill U.S. Med Tech Positions Are Abundant

Across the globe, the supply of medical technologists (MT) and clinical laboratory scientists (CLS) falls far short of the staffing demands of clinical pathology laboratories. The United States is no exception and this is one reason why growing numbers of U.S. medical laboratories are willing to recruit medical technologists who trained abroad.

Of course, this is not exactly a new development. For more than two decades, a primary source of clinical laboratory scientists to medical laboratories in California has been the Philippines. This happened for two reasons. First, the close historical and cultural ties between the Philippines and the United States have always made California an attractive employment destination for Filipinos. Also, because many Filipinos were raised speaking two languages, they are comfortably fluent when speaking English. (more…)