Ohio State University Scientists Discover Nearly 200,000 Unknown Viruses in Ocean Depths; Could Lead to Biotechnology Breakthroughs

Pole-to-pole sampling of marine life leads researchers to conclude the world’s oceans could hold the key to many scientific and biotechnological advancements Virologists and microbiologists will be intrigued to learn that scientists at Ohio State University (OSU) have identified nearly 200,000 previously unknown viruses living deep in the oceans. The catalog of 195,728 viruses could serve as a “road map” to a better understanding of ecosystems within the world’s oceans and the role they play...

Paper-Strip Medical Laboratory Test Under Development at Ohio State University Promises to Bring Low-Cost Malaria Tests to Resource-Strapped Nations

Clinical laboratory assays based on low-cost paper strip tests could make detecting malaria easier in rural areas of Africa and Southeast Asia In the field of remote medical pathology, diagnostic tests strips made from paper can provide low-cost, simple-to-perform testing in developing nations. These are regions where such diagnostic test capabilities are desperately needed by medical laboratory scientists and resource-strapped clinical laboratories. One such example is a new paper strip test...

Expect More Multiplex Clinical Laboratory Testing as Systems Biology Moves Closer to Clinical Practice

In the Pacific Northwest, PeaceHealth has become the first community health system to join the P4 Medicine Institute (P4Mi) in an important collaboration to demonstrate practical clinical applications of systems biology in patient care. P4Mi is itself a spin-off of the Institute for Systems Biology that was founded by Leroy Hood, M.D., Ph.D., and several colleagues.