Molecular Information Management Systems (MIMS) Are Newest Tools to Help Clinical Laboratories Perform and Report Molecular and Genetic Test Results

Some experts consider MIMS to be the classic LIS on steroids because they are designed to handle the vast amounts of data generated by the latest generation of genetic tests

Steady improvements to next-generation genetic sequencing, lab-on-a-chip technologies, and lab automation are triggering substantial increases in the volume of data generated at medical laboratories and pathology groups. The future of personalized medicine lies just as much in the analysis of the data generated by these tests as it does in how labs perform these procedures.

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) help to manage and organize much of this data. However, over the past decade, the volume of data generated by molecular and genetic testing has outpaced the organization, reporting, and interfacing features of popular LISs. With more than 3-billion base pairs of DNA in the human genome, each sample analysis has the potential to generate huge amounts of data. (more…)