How Next-Generation Sequencing Helps Molecular Laboratories Deliver Personalized Medicine Services to their Client Physicians

Personalized and predictive medicine are rapidly becoming a reality. As a result, your clinical diagnostic laboratory’s need for a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed to accommodate personalized medicine’s informatics integration and workflow challenges has become vital. The Dark Report is pleased to offer this FREE White Paper, providing a detailed discussion on how you can unlock the potential of next generation sequencing (NGS) technology in your lab, and the benefits and contributions it can make to add clinical value and improve patient care.

Recently published White Paper discusses the importance of clinical diagnostics laboratories having a capable system to handle molecular testing needs

The laboratory industry’s forward thinkers define molecular diagnostics and genetic testing as both the future of pathology and the #1 opportunity to add clinical value while earning appropriate reimbursement. Personalized medicine and predictive medicine have become a reality. As molecular technology and personalized medicine increasingly becomes the default position for clinical diagnostics laboratories, these modalities place significant demands on laboratory information systems. Although...