A Lesson for Any Clinical Pathology Laboratory: Palm Beach Doctor Gets Creative to Collect Unpaid Claims from Humana

Dermatologist Steven P. Rosenberg, M.D., chases Humana for $120,000 in claims as old as two years

Clinical pathology laboratories often have problems with health insurance plans that delay paying legitimate claims for reimbursement. Now comes news of a unique strategy successfully employed by a Florida dermatologist who was frustrated that one payer was taking as long as two years to settle his claims.

At the center of this story is Steven P. Rosenberg, M.D. After waiting more than two years for Humana Inc. (NASDAQ: HUM) insurance to reimburse his West Palm Beach dermatology practice for about $120,000 in unpaid claims, Rosenberg decided to take aggressive action. Wanting to avoid the added costs of attorneys, Rosenberg made time to read up on the law and brainstorm. His solution caught Humana off guard and he ended up collecting a substantial amount of the money that Humana owed him. Rosenberg’s solution is something that medical laboratories and pathology groups could employ in cases where a health insurer owes them significant amounts of money.