First-generation of a Clinical Laboratory-on-a-Chip Measures Multiple Bio-markers and Also Drugs in The Body

Implantable chips could change the way doctors monitor chronic conditions and administer medications, while providing pathologists with an opportunity to analyze a new stream of diagnostic data

Researchers continue to make progress on implantable diagnostic devices that are designed to monitor the same types of biomarkers used in some clinical laboratory tests. These devices are designed to provide continuous patient monitoring and can transmit data in real time to care providers and medical laboratories.

Miniature Laboratory on a Chip

Implantable medical devices have been around for quite some time. However one particular device developed by Sandro Carrara, PhD,  and Giovanni De Micheli, PhD, at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL), works more like a tiny laboratory than previous generations of implantable devices.

“This is the world’s first chip capable of measuring not just pH and temperature, but also metabolism-related molecules like glucose, lactate, and cholesterol, as well as drugs,” stated Carrara in R&D Magazine. (more…)