New Consumer-Oriented Diagnostic Device Will Let Athletes Test Themselves for Lactic Acid without the Need for a Medical Laboratory Test

It’s a wearable diagnostic testing device designed to allow athletes competing in strenuous sports to monitor lactic acid levels to guide training regimens

For two decades, healthcare policy experts have regularly predicted that a boom in consumer demand for clinical laboratory testing is just around the corner. Yet, in 2015, the Direct Access Testing (DAT) segment of the medical laboratory profession remains relatively small when measured by specimen volume and revenue.

Dark Daily believes that consumer interest in self-testing may actually be tapped by a different approach to diagnostic testing. It will come by serving the large number of athletes competing in triathlons, other strenuous sports, and extreme athletic events like 24-hour races. These athletes train hard and compete hard. They have disposable income and are willing to spend it on products and services that would improve their athletic performance.

Pathologists and clinical laboratory scientists will be fascinated to learn that one early product entry in this emerging category is a non-invasive test for lactic acid. (more…)