New Algorithm Improves Accuracy of Computer Screening for Thyroid Disease

Improved expert system may lead to more clinical laboratory testing for patients with subclinical thyroid disease

It’s long been predicted that use of computer algorithms to sift through clinical data sets can be one way to detect disease. This is a diagnostic method that—in theory—could either increase or decrease the need to perform medical laboratory tests for certain types of diseases.

A paper recently published by researchers in India describes an improved algorithm to detect thyroid disease by computer screening. The advancement could lead to earlier detection of subclinical thyroid problems and allow for earlier diagnosis and intervention.

Detecting Disease with Computer Algorithm and Electronic Health Records

Jaganathan Palanichamy and Rajkumar Nallamuthu of the PSNA College of Engineering and Technology in Tamilnadu, India, showed that the classification of a raw dataset from patient records can allow the detection of undiagnosed thyroid problems through computerized screening. They described the results of the study in a paper published by the International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering. (more…)