Cheap, Fast, Accurate Home Colon Cancer Test Joins Growing List of Diagnostic Tests Shifting from Medical Laboratories to Homes

Steady progress is happening in consumer self-test kits as new diagnostic technology supports at-home kits that produce results with accuracy approaching 90%

Because screening for colon cancer represents a potentially huge number of medical laboratory tests each year, many biotech companies are racing to develop reliable test kits that patients can use at home. But to be successful, the test kit must be cheap, easy for a consumer to use, and produce clinically useful results.

Home Test Promises Same Accuracy as Clinical Laboratory Test

That’s the goal of Mode Diagnostics, Ltd., a Scottish company that is poised to sell a consumer device that can detect signs of colon cancer at home in three minutes at an accuracy rate of 98%. Mode’s new device is an example of how innovative diagnostic technology is driving the market for fast, accurate consumer self-test kits—and pushing these tests out of the central clinical laboratory and into the home. (more…)