Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic Solutions Find a Home in Hospital Laboratories

New Load-and-Walk-Away Systems Promise Rapid Turnaround Times and Multi-Target Testing

Laboratory Automation is one important reason why more community hospital laboratories and local pathology groups can now perform a growing menu of molecular diagnostic tests. Rapid innovations in automation technology now make it possible for even low-volume medical laboratories to perform molecular testing using highly-automated “load and walk away” molecular analyzers.

Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers may be surprised to learn that the market for these simple-to-use automated analyzers is actually becoming crowded. There are at least five companies that now make bench top automated nucleic acid testing systems. These systems are designed to enable medium and low volume labs to compete in the nucleic acid testing arena. It is one reason why the number of community hospital laboratories and local anatomic pathology group practices are establishing molecular testing programs.

Training America’s Next Generation of Clinical Pathology Laboratory Managers

Demand for Capable Medical Laboratory Managers Will Skyrocket In Coming Years

Much is written about the acute—and soon to worsen—shortage of medical technologists (MT) and other skilled positions in America’s clinical laboratories and pathology groups. But what gets constantly overlooked is the equally critical need to have capable clinical laboratory managers, supervisors, directors, and administrators at every level in the medical laboratory organization.

This situation creates an unprecedented opportunity for those up-and-coming med techs and laboratory professionals who aspire to a management career in their clinical laboratory. Demand for their services is assured. But before they can step into management positions that come with increased responsibility and higher salaries, they must have the training, the experience, and the maturity required to be an effective manager. (more…)