New York City Clinical Laboratory Uses Mobile Devices to Provide Its Sales Team with Real-Time Business Intelligence from Its CRM

Manhattan Labs is an early-adopter of the trend toward increased use of lab-specific CRM solutions with the goal of gaining competitive advantage

To improve its competitive position in the tough clinical laboratory testing market of New York City, one medical laboratory company has implemented a cloud-based, lab-specific customer relationship management (CRM) service that delivers real-time information to its sales team in the field and its operations team in the lab.

This is consistent with an important trend gathering momentum within the clinical laboratory industry. That trend is the use of middleware and similar informatics solutions that serve up detailed information about the performance and operation of the lab in real time. Typically, these informatics solutions support real-time management dashboards.

Pathologists and clinical laboratory managers recognize that good client relations can be the difference between retaining and losing clients—and the revenue associated with their medical laboratory test referrals.