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McKesson Health Solutions (MHS) is a business unit of McKesson Corporation, the world’s largest and oldest healthcare services company. We deliver industry-leading clinical evidence and expert technology to help payers and providers collaborate for better healthcare outcomes at lower costs. MHS is one of the leading technology companies in the payer market, with solutions in more than four out of five payers in the country.

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The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange

The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange is an open, online test registry and workflow solution for information and evidence about MDx tests. Organizations that register with the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange are assigned a unique, five-digit alphanumeric McKesson Z-Code™ Identifier for each advanced diagnostics test so that each test can be accurately tracked, measured and reimbursed. The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange includes:

• Reference information about tests and how they are performed

• InterQual® Molecular Diagnostics clinical evidence summaries about test families

When combined into the McKesson Diagnostics Exchange workflow, this information enables payers, laboratories and providers to transparently identify and evaluate tests and to determine coverage policies. The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange helps reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality of care.

The McKesson Diagnostics Exchange helps:


• Clearly adjudicate claims and more easily enforce coverage policies by eliminating variances in coding

• Reduce medical costs for unnecessary or miscoded tests

• Develop a well-informed Utilization Management program


• More precisely identify and report on tests performed within clinical and financial systems

• Distinguish the efficacy of similar tests from other labs


• Precisely order tests

•Accurately report on appropriate services


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