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Esoteric Lab Consultants, LLC
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Brief Corporate History

Esoteric Lab Consultants, LLC was formed in 2010 by Patty Sipes. Patty recognized that there was a need for consulting resources within the specialty lab industry in the areas of managed care contract negotiation. Most consultants had expertise in “clinical laboratory”, not the Anatomic Pathology and Molecular arena which requires an entirely different approach.  Patty decided to create a consulting business that combined her expertise in managed care contracting with her sales leadership talents. She understands the need to drive sales as well as how the managed care “element” can affect the bottom line. The ideal client for Esoteric Lab Consultants, LLC is a small to medium sized specialty laboratory that doesn’t have the resources to bring these services in-house yet. Coverage is nationwide.


Patty SipesPatty Sipes – Founder and Principal

In 2010, Patty founded Esoteric Lab Consultants, LLC, one of the only consulting firms that focus specifically on the specialty lab arena. After two decades of working for top companies within the industry, she decided to start a consulting service that could “put everything together” from sales infrastructure to managed care. The depth of her range is significant, as it includes experience with capital equipment sales, sales management, contract negotiation (managed care and asset management), as well as marketing. Patty has a keen eye for talent, an intimate knowledge of how to manage a successful sales team, and the ability to not only steer a company in the right direction from a managed care perspective, but negotiate the contract as well. Patty was fortunate to begin her career straight out of college selling Immunoassay medical equipment for Ciba Coming Diagnostics. Since then, she has diversified her talents by working for very reputable companies within the biotechnology industry: Myriad Genetics, DNA Dynamics (now Genoptix) Esoterix, LabCorp (purchased Esoterix), and Ikonisys. She is well respected within the laboratory industry.

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Skills and Expertise

  • Managed care contracting
    • Strong ability to “gain contact” with payers and communicate “your story”
    • Solid understanding of the sales process, technology involved, and WHY the testing warrants a higher price than general lab tests
    • Managed care contracting in the specialty/esoteric lab arena – nationwide

(Negotiated contracts for the esoteric business unit of LabCorpEsoterix, USLABS, Dianon Systems)

  •  Professional development
    • Patty offers the Core Values Index™ (CVI™) – The only human assessment instrument that characterized the innate “real” unchanging nature of a person. The CVI™ is the first tool to accurately and reliably quantify the various core values that are inscribed into your innate nature. Most of us can adapt to a variety of life situations and work experiences, allowing us to tell other how we believe we can function. The CVI™, however, tells us how we are “wired” to function.
  • Sales Infrastructure
    • Effective compensation plans
    • Forecasting tools
    • Interim sales management
    • Assistance with the hiring process

Recent Clients and Work Assignments

Our client list is confidential. Our clients are made up of small to medium sized laboratories within the specialty, esoteric, and molecular lab arena. Our assignments range from working with recruiters to hire effective sales teams, creating corporate infrastructure, human capital audits to negotiating managed care contracts. All project sizes are welcome.

Comments  Patty has received for her work

“Sipes, You rock! We’ve been trying to get in with that plan for months! I can’t believe you did it!”

“She sets specific, achievable goals and objectives……and outlines the process to be successful”

“Patty is knowledgeable, personable, and a strong leader who delivers results to an organization”

“Patty provided excellent business analysis and coaching to our entire team”

“You have the ability to anticipate and respond quickly to change. Your focus to drive results is inspiring”

“You present creative ideas and communicate the benefits in a very clear and articulate presentation”

“Your style is firm yet fair. Your work ethic is strong!”