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Kaizen Events and DMAIC Approach to Unlock High-Performance in Laboratory Work Flow

Lorre Pacheco, Sunquest Information Systems

The Dark Report is extending a golden opportunity for pathologists and lab executives to learn how to integrate Kaizen into DMAIC processes into their business model in order to improve the bottom line financial and operational results of their laboratories. At the Dark Report’s Lab Quality Confab on Quality Management in Diagnostic Medicine last September, Lorre Pacheco, Director of Sales Operations at Sunquest Information Systems in Tuscon, AZ, gave an illuminating lecture on the basics of insuring sustained improvements in the deployment of Lean and Six Sigma. This FREE lecture is now available for download here.

The objective of the lecture is to provide an overview of Kaizen and DMAIC methodologies to lab professionals looking to recognize the key elements for organizing a Kaizen. Pacheco expertly weaves together the various elements of Kaizen and DMAIC methodologies so laboratories can select the best targets within their operation to target in order to gain the highest possible quality. The knowledge gained from this lecture insures that laboratories will run as efficiently as possible without leaving any money on the table.

Pacheco also provides a broad yet specific analysis of where lab quality is today. She shares her knowledge not only on the state of the industry, but provides ideas on what laboratories can do to overcome the challenges pathologists and lab executives are facing in the current climate. Pacheco’s lecture is a must see for any laboratory that wants to learn, review, or improve on the basics of maximizing focus, commitment and high performance work flow.

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  • Receive an Overview of Kaizen and DMAIC Methodologies    
  • Recognize the Key Elements for Organizing a Kaizen  
  • Select the Best Targets
  • Lead the Way to Quality

In tandem, Kaizen events and DMAIC are regularly used by labs and other healthcare organizations to achieve remarkably swift improvements. Understand the secrets of organizing successful Kaizen events. Learn how DMAIC provides a clear roadmap for the process. Master the knowledge you need to unleash these tools within your own laboratory and lead the way to quality.

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