DARK Daily: New webinar prepares clinical laboratories for double the regulatory, compliance, and managed care risk in 2021 as they deal with both COVID-19 and routine testing challenge


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Media Contact: Liz Carey

AUSTIN, Texas (December 2, 2020) – The big story moving into 2021 is dual regulatory challenges coming to clinical laboratories and anatomic pathology groups. As labs deal with COVID-19 testing and government dictates that change from day to day, they must also comply with the usual range of regulatory, compliance, and managed care issues associated with standard lab testing services.

Never before have the risks of non-compliance been so great, making it necessary for labs to prepare now to operate side-by-side compliance, risk management, and managed care contracting programs in 2021 and to be ready for twice the work and twice the exposure to regulatory enforcement and payer audits that trigger huge recoupment demands.

On Thursday, December 10 at 1 PM EST, DARK Daily is presenting an all-new 90-minute webinar, including an interactive Q&A session, that will ready lab teams for what will be a dynamic and fast-changing compliance and regulatory environment as the pandemic rolls into 2021. Nationally-recognized attorneys Jane Pine Wood, Chief Legal Counsel with BioReference Laboratories, and Rick Cooper and Elizabeth Sullivan, Co-Chairs, National Healthcare Practice Group with McDonald Hopkins, will discuss the coming changes, provide effective compliance strategies, and recommend risk-mitigation steps labs should take now to ensure full compliance with all the new developments—both with COVID-19 testing and with standard clinical laboratory services.

2021 regulatory issues to be covered during the webinar include:

  • Crucial updates on key lab audit areas for next year
  • New compliance risks from relaxed federal and state restrictions when clinical labs or pathology groups provide testing services and consultations across state lines
  • New payer tactics used to manage the swift increase in the number of molecular and genetic test claims
  • Why payers are increasing audits of Professional Component Clinical Pathology (PCCP) fees and ways for pathologists to prepare
  • Unwelcome developments in managed care contracting involving both clinical lab and anatomic pathology services

Plus 2021 compliance issues unique to COVID-19:

  • Compliance and regulatory issues related to COVID-19 test order arrangements
  • COVID-19 testing legal risks to the lab as compared with standard lab testing risks
  • Reporting issues with respect to PRF funds
  • Documenting medical necessity in a telemedicine world
  • Often overlooked legal liabilities when labs provide tests for employee COVID-19 screening programs
  • Strategies labs can use to serve consumers with COVID-19 testing while complying with federal and state requirements
  • Latest updates on the COVID differential based on TAT beginning in January, and more

This webinar is a must-attend for lab teams, as it will provide actionable information about compliance issues that have never before confronted clinical labs—mainly because of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic—as well as the ideal opportunity to get crucial updates in advance of events.

For more information and to register for the webinar, visit: https://www.darkdaily.com/webinar/webinar-prepare-your-clinical-lab-for-double-the-regulatory-compliance-and-managed-care-risk-in-2021-the-simultaneous-need-to-deal-with-covid-19-and-routine-testing-activities/