New and powerful trend in the laboratory industry contributes to increased lab revenue and supports clinicians for better clinical outcomes


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Media Contact: Chris Garcia

AUSTIN, Texas (April 5, 2017) It is now possible for medical laboratories to increase their revenues specifically because their labs are helping physicians achieve better patient outcomes. This is welcome news, particularly if a lab is seeking ways to offset price cuts and shrinking budgets.

“The secret is to offer patient-centric lab testing services,” said Robert L. Michel, Editor-In-Chief of The Dark Report. “Both physicians and payers are rewarding those that use patient-centric services to assist physicians in how they diagnose, treat, and monitor their patients in ways that improve clinical care and reduce the cost of individual healthcare encounters.

“More good news is that becoming a patient-centric laboratory is not complicated, nor is it time-consuming,” continued Michel. “This is an important benefit for labs, because it means there is a short time between launching a patient-centric service and generating increased revenue linked to that service. Lastly, only a few labs across the nation currently deliver patient-centric services, meaning labs taking the simple steps to introduce these services will gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

To help labs gather insight on this new and powerful trend that can contribute to greater revenue, Dark Daily is offering a timely webinar, “Delivering Patient-Centered Lab Testing Services: Elevating the Lab Order with Patient-Centric Repository and New Informatics Tools to Increase Lab Revenue and Support Clinicians for Better Clinical Outcomes,” taking place Wednesday, April 12, at 1PM EDT.

Webinar participants will hear and learn from three dynamic speakers, each of whom has experience delivering patient-centric lab testing services: Lisa Conley, MT(ASCP), Senior Vice President of Growth at Atlas Medical in Calabasas, CA.; Mark Tuthill, M.D., a pathologist-informaticist at Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, MI.; and Randall Henson, Manager of Lab Outreach Development and Solutions at Huntsville Hospital in Huntsville, AL.

Topics to be covered during the webinar include:

·        Insights about how different labs are leveraging their patient-centric offerings in ways that generate measurable clinical value

·        How lab teams can go about gaining the support of administration and how that support can be converted into tangible collaboration between the health system’s IT department, the lab team, and the physicians

·        How use of patient-centric informatics contributes to reduced patient call-backs with a commensurate increase in patient satisfaction ratings

·        Learning to recognize when a lab service is patient-centric and when it isn’t

·        Understanding what aspects of laboratory testing generate the highest clinical and financial return when converted into a patient-centric service

·        Why most LIS products lack the capability to be patient-centric

·        Identifying specific services that labs can quickly and cheaply convert into patient-centric services that physicians and patients appreciate

·        Lessons other labs have already learned regarding what doesn’t work, to avoid going down the same unproductive path

·        Combining the lab’s existing information technology with new informatics tools to deliver patient-centric services

At the conclusion of the presentation there will be a Q&A period during which participants will be able to submit their own specific questions to an expert panel. For more information about “Delivering Patient-Centered Lab Testing Services: Elevating the Lab Order with Patient-Centric Repository and New Informatics Tools to Increase Lab Revenue and Support Clinicians for Better Clinical Outcomes” and to view webinar details including presenter biographies and pricing, click here. You may also contact Chris Garcia at 512-264-7103.


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